It is during a heat wave that the third regular season of the LFA will begin. For some, the continuity of their summer season and for others the beginning of a new adventure, having left their hockey equipment at the far end of the shed or garage for the summer. Contrary to my usual practice, I'll do this short and sweet and I'll wait for the day after the start of the regular season that will take place next Saturday , September 12th at the Notre Dame arena, to let you know the long list of new things that you can expect this season and the new faces you will meet this year in the stands. Indeed, four new goalies will enter the big league along with a dozen players to replace those who never understood the essence of the league where camaraderie prevails and where hockey  is a small part of what the LFA stands for.

I wish everyone a good season,  good times and that the coming months bring you happiness, joy and surprises during your weekly LFA games. May it nourish your lives and make you un-plug from the main stream bullshit society makes us swallow. See your Saturday hockey as something more than just another game ....