2016 started with a bang with our first newsletter sendout and now, our first Winter Classic- the first in the history of Montreal - is upon us. As Mike, the goaltender for the Loggers would say, “that’s a lot of firsts!” The match will see each of the six teams of the LFA taking part, another first with a relay match and a cumulative score that will allow everyone to stay engaged with the crowd on an entirely different level. The crowd will surely be pulling for the team that enters the game trailing through no fault of their own!

The game will be a return to origins for players, who will once again find the joy of playing hockey in the park as they lived in their youth. The event, as you may guess, requires a lot of preparation and has already taken thousands of hours of work of handfull of volunteers. Now, one week before the Winter Classic next Saturday at 1:30 p.m, the LFA is ready to finalize preparations for a most remarkable and successful event for the benefit of the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation.

I hope to see you all out in great numbers. Bring your friends, neighbours, cousins because more than a simple game, this is a happening. The site will be tailored for you enjoyment, with food trucks, music, an electric ambiance, prizes and a benefit game that will be played under our usual motto of friendship and solidarity.

It’s a rendez-vous!