Guillaume Mainville (house anoncer), jacob poliquin (director of communication of the lfa) and j-f desbois (president of the league (photo frederic serre)


After a week filled with comments about our Winter Classic last weekend, each person more thankfull than the next, I see myself fumbling for words as the experience was such a "trip" to so many people. With a focus on the human and family experience, the event transformed into a real "happening" as I hoped. In a few weeks we will announce the amount that has been raised for the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation as we continue to raise funds for them through our site. Simply click the powder blue banner on the margins of the text. As for the four grand prizes that were drawn at the end of this historic meeting, only one of them has been claimed so far. Here are the winning numbers once again.

winning numbers of the winter classic draw



Yesterday was a homecoming that seemed a bit empty after so many festivities last weekend. Our house DJ, who took the weekend off, our big cement block and aluminium barn was a bit hollow and the echo of the puck along the boards replaced the laughter that emanated from our Winter Classic happening last Saturday. Luckily, the emotional void was filled by three very good games that werehotly contested and that were all decided in the third period as the teams showed-up to play,and give their all which bodes well for the rest of the timetable leading us to the playoffs.

the prez with sebastien marchand, winner of one of the four winter classic grand prizez (photo benoit gervais)

the prez with sebastien marchand, winner of one of the four winter classic grand prizez (photo benoit gervais)



It is with these few lines of the LFA news that I inform you all that seing as I havent had  a break since the inception of the league in December 2012, I will finally pull the plug for a few weeks and let  Laurent Quesnel and Jacob Poliquin run the show. This time off should allow me to recharge my batteries but knowing me, I will surely begin to plan my next move, not only in the hockey world, but also the one we live in. If you missed it, I invit you to watch the following exert of a CBC news story on our Winter Classic. And for those who miss Larry's take on things, note that he recently published "Wjile slipping a last one...' that you can read here

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