Last Saturday's games have shown that parity in the league is almost reached; all games ended with a tight score, and all were competitive. Some teams have seen the match be decided in a shootout or near the end of the game, which is all good and well for the rest of the season.

The Kamikazes are showing great sportmanship and dedication to their team, in victory or defeat! (Photo J-F DesBois)

Following the deplorable events that happened within the Czechers's team, management had no choice but to expel two players definitely, who showed signs of aggression and lack of respect for teammates repeatedly, and to suspend two other players for a game. Thus, Michel Kobbi-Moran and Renaud Simard-Lemelin will now play has regulars for the Czechers and will wear respectively 7 and 11. We all hope that these changes will improve the team spirit, which should carry the Czechers to a long series of victories since despite adversity and internal problems, have managed to win their last game against the always commited Kamikazes!

In the second game of the evening, we saw the Shamrocks and Loggers offer quite a show and flawless intensity. The men in black despite being short of3 goals, did not give up and managed to force the holding of a shootout. Unfortunately for them, Paul Rosa's men in green managed to complete their victory and at the same time to remain unbeaten this season. The Shamrocks will welcome next game Brian Markham, who will replace Martin Disnard who will need a surgery after he got injured outside of the league.

Stéphane Savoie from the Rhinos (wearing the alternate jersey of the LFA) trying to score against Michael-Anthony Gabriel of the Meteores. The latest won an all important game for his team! (Photo J-F DesBois)

The Rhinos were also looking for another win to keep their record intact, but they found themselves facing determined Meteors, who managed to win the last game of the evening in shootout too! The competition for the first rank of the league will be fierce!

The game before that one, between the Vipers and the Avengers was also tight, but despite all their efforts, the men in yellow were not able to get the victory and end off at the end of the pack. The season is long, so everything is still possible for them ...

The trade period approach, and it seems increasingly clear that the number of transactions is likely to be much reduce this year compared to the fiasco of the previous year. A sign that team spirit, a simple game plan and a working group may sometimes have more impact than individual talent.

We'll be waiting to see the outcome of the upcoming games, but I feel that we will be witness to one of the most interesting playoffs race in the history of the league!

See you soon,

Jacob Poliquin