We have played two games in the regular season, and yet this first Saturday of break will be welcome to many. Not that the players have less desire to jump on the ice, but this break will allow everyone to put his affairs in order, to enjoy family life or to take a break after a bad performance. On the side of the league's administration, this break will allow for further analysis of forces and to spend more time getting to fill the holes caused by injuries and repeated absences.

The Meteores where ready to avange their heart-breaking defeat from two weeks ago this Saturday, but one of their best player got injured meanwhile and it didn't helped them to achieve their goal. Let's hope that the break will help to fix that issue!

Last week's games thus demonstrated the impact that may have an unexpected absence or injury to the team's performance. Some comments circulated about the level of talent of the substitutes, and the balancing of the teams. I would remind those who doubt the impartiality of the choice of subs that the availability of the these greatly complicates the task, especially when an absence is reported after the deadline of Thursday, 6pm. Moreover, some impact players are injured and to replace them is not always an easy task. Nevertheless, the results of the last two weeks show some parity between the teams. Some have missed victory by little and others have had to deal with more absences, but in general the forces appears rather balanced. An encouraging result that the league will continue to analyze in the coming weeks for potential trades. The best that each player and each team can do in the meantime is to give the best of themselves on the ice and play as a team!

Jean-François DesBois, the LFA's CEO, proudly presented a check of 5200$ to Kara De La Peralle from Sun Youth. The money raised during last summer Championship game will help to finance the fondation's SLAP hockey development program and thus make a positive impact on lives of several young players in the Montreal region.

On another note, we have now received the official number of the funds raised during the Championship Game this summer, for the benefit of Sun Youth's SLAP hockey development program. It was $ 5200 that Jean-François DesBois, President of the LFA, presented to Kara De La Peralle, sports vice-president at Sun Youth. A tradition that distinguishes the LFA from other adult leagues and that made the difference for many young people in the Montreal area.

Finally, I encourage you during the break to take the time to write to the league if you have comments or suggestions on whatever subjects. You can contact the president directly (jfd@lfahockey.com), or Laurent Quesnel, Vice President of Hockey Operations (larry@lfahockey.com) or me (jacob@lfahockey.com) if you prefer. The LFA wants a competitive but mostly friendly league so any suggestions or comments able to improve the experience of everyone is welcome!

I remind you that the league is looking for elite players to replace injured players, so if you know someone that wants to join the league, let us know as soon as possible! Substitutes of all caliber are also welcome!

Have a nice week end,

Jacob Poliquin