After a weird start of the season that saw several players leave for a variety of reason, the balancing of the teams took a hit, wich forced the league's management, in collaboration with the selection committee, to make some strategic exchanges with the clear goal of allowing the chance to everyone to be competitive for the rest of the season. Some teams well provided with offensive or defensive skills were slightly weakened to reinforce those who missed a little something for success.

We all hope that these exchanges will be effective and that the players concerned, as well as their respective new teams, will act as gentlemen and integrate quickly. Here are the exchanges that where made:

To conclude, read this week's babillard to get more information about upcoming events and get the winning number for the half and half draw. Do not forget to consult the up-to-date teams page and the calendar in order to show up at the right game at the right time next week!

See you all after the break,

Jacob Poliquin