Last Saturday's games were overall very close battles, and this led to some excesses that did not remain without consequences. By viewing the videos on LiveBarn, the decision was taken to suspend two players following the actions they have committed on the ice. Dangerous hits and vicious gestures will not be tolerated.

Chill out, we are watching you!

Of course, accidental collisions will always be part of hockey; in the same way, it is always advisable to look up while skating, even if it is a non-contact league. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish accidental collisions caused by a player playing the man and that it's the player with the puck that hit him because he has his head between his legs. In this case, it appears that the offender did not try to avoid contact with the player in a vulnerable situation, and he even exagarated the gesture to hit the player. The head being the target or not, the gesture was dangerous and unnecessary besides being avoidable. It was considered that the boundary between playing the man and get him out of his skates had been crossed.

The second incident staged a player frustrated by a fall who was caused by the weight difference between him and his opponent, who did nothing other than to cover his player at the blue line. This accidental fall will have inflamed the offender who retaliated later in the game by giving a violent and vicious slashing at the ankle of the player who had hurt his ego. This disgusting gesture, made by a player with a past marked by such incidents, will leave him on the edge of being banned. His case will be evaluated further in the coming days. Physical or verbal personal revenge will not, and will never be tolerated!

Even if they are rare and do not represent the values dvocated by the league, such incidents can happen when the competitive spirit surpasses the fraternal spirit. This season has seen a record number of warnings and suspensions caused by unacceptable attitude or behavior on the ice by some players. A period of adjustment is always necessary, and it is recommended to everyone to relax a bit on the ice and treat your opponent as a friend. After all, that's what we are for the majority, right?

This does not mean to stop playing with passion and intensity. The league distinguishe itself by this mix of competitiveness and brotherhood, but when some players push too far the first aspect, there is a problem.

See you on Saturday,

Jacob Poliquin