After incalculable hours of work, technical hurdles and constant commitment, we are proud to announce the English website of La Ligue Fédérale des As is now online. Very few garage leagues can claim to serve the two major languages of our community. Since the start of this project, it was important to the the people who run Montreal's newest garage hockey league to have a site that represents everyone
who is part of our "Saturday Night Hockey Classic," without discrimination or favouritism. After all, we hope to grow into
becoming the biggest of Quebec's little beer leagues and to deliver an optimal hockey experience for all of our members.

We are still in the early phase, and we will adjust our aim to reach our goal, by listening to members, conducting research, and asking the
right questions to get to the top of the standings.  By associating ourselves with high-quality sponsors and through events that will give members an unique hockey experience, we hope to leave our players with cherished memories of good times with friends.  Over the next few years our Saturday night league will create a fresh outlook for adult amateur sporting leagues here and elsewhere. We hope to exchange with organizations around the globe to foster the full potential of this and other sporting endeavours.