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One month after our very first Winter Classic games on January 16th 2016, the LFA and the Hockey Brotherhood Association are proud to announce our 10 000$ contribution to the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation. The raising of these funds mirrors the commitment of our management and the generosity of our key volunteers who all contributed in making an event of this caliber possible. Our league also would like to thank all our sponsor's, particularly Location Turbo who rented all necessary equipment to us free of charge.

Yesterdays games highlighted moments of high intensity between numerous players. With only two games left until our playoffs, we were pleased to such strive on the ice. Our first game started off with the Czechers and the Loggers. The game finished with a one goal difference in the last minute of the third period. (If I am not mistaken, this has happened on three occasions for the Czechers in the past five games). After an uphill battle by our men in grey behind 4-1, both teams found themselves with a tie in third period. Rough play from both ends heated up the penalty box and both teams shared equal opportunities to steal the play. Ultimately, a controversial goal jostled the Czechers goalie which ended the match. Although the Czechers demonstrated great team work, the Loggers raised the bar with rapid transitions which permitted them to settle in their opponents zone. Ultimately weakening their opponents defense.

The second game of the night was followed with the Vipers and the Avengers. The Vipers came in victorious and confident, winning last week's game. The Avengers however, were hungry for success in maintaining their hope of becoming champion of the regular season. Our men in blue imposed a quick paced rhythm which gave them an advantage at the beginning of the match. The Vipers replied with excellent goals, but the Avengers fast paced play frustrated their opponents. This caused rebound problems, numerous standstills and some penalties. In the stands, the Vipers gave out an overall impression that they are a force to be reckoned with during the playoffs.

The final game of the night concludes with the Shamrocks and the Tomahawks. The Tomahawks were counting on two subs to bridge the absence of two of their best attacking players. Replacing one player for another is a tedious thing. Every player has their own particular energy and it is not an easy task to replicate! The game would of had a different outcome with Staeger's shots and speed combined with William's vision and agility. This being said, both subs played very well. Team cohesion plays a big role in achieving success and absences can therefore have a negative impact on the team. Although the Tomahawks showed great agility, it unfortunately lacked strive. This made them loose out on many goal opportunities. The Shamrocks team used this to their advantage and provoked a great turnabout with a collaborative game. Each and every member of the green team was on a mission. Which translates their success...Granted, their players don’t have many flaws. However, playing together is key and the mix of both talent and team work led Shamrocks to victory. The final score of 5-3 for the Shamrocks reflects the absence of two key Tomahawk players and a collective game of our green team.

Our after-game party transitioned to La Cabane Restaurant and Bar. Every participant had the opportunity to eat and meet with many future LFA star players (A great evening to honor the children of Paul Rosa and Christophe Grenon!) The LFA is a great big family open to all. We will always demonstrate our love for hockey, brotherhood and friendship



Jacob Poliquin