We are now fabruary 1st, and the last games have been disputed with high intensity, resulting in an increase number of spectators in the stands. The Tomahawks have found the way to victory again, with their sniper Julien Staeger scoring with a little bit more than 1 minute to play in the game after a strong comeback by the Czechers. Final result: 5-4

The match opposing the Avengers to the Loggers was one of speed, intensity and finesse, the final result of 5-2 for the Loggers being not an exact sign of the way the match was: it was very close but the Loggers jumped on given opportunities.

The last game opposing the Shamrocks to the Vipers saw the Shamrocks get paid for their team structure, constant collective effort, and the emotional Vipers getting closer to victory. Like the Montreal Canadiens, they have proper tools to obtain victory, but nothing seems to work right now. The spectators acknowledge the offensive potential of the Vipers, and that only a better team work for the whole game will bring that extra dimension to their game and give them victory.

On this beginning of February, the run for the playoffs is very tight, with only a 6 points difference between the first and last place, and a couple of teams having a draw. Visit the statistic page to discover the standings in details or check the individual stats too.


The player of the month is Paul Rosa, named by the League's staff. The coach-captain of the shamrocks was named player of the month of January for is dedication to the Winter Classic that happened on January 16, being the coordinator and builder of the structures, decors and having helped in making this unique event possible. His expertise, abnegation and his generous and happy personnality were all factors for his election. He is also known as an excellent captain and teammate, who puts his team and teammates interest in front of his own. We can often see him alternate between offense and defense, where is small size doesn't prevent him from being intense and manage to steal the puck from bigger and stronger opponents. He is an example for his teammates and all the players in the league, and his leadership is one strong reason for the Shamrocks success.


After months of intense work organizing the first ever Winter Classic in Montreal's history, the CEO of the LFA, Jean-François DesBois, is having a well deserve vacation under the sun of Acapulco, having catch the opportunity to visit stay in the condo of the Tomahawks sponsor, Acapulco VIP. This break doesn't means that he stopped working for the league: you can see that he has posted the photos of the Winter Classic last week. The LFA players wish to see their president with a nice tan when he will be back!!

Jacob Poliquin