Image found on internet and modified who announce the beginning of the after season hostilities!

Image found on internet and modified who announce the beginning of the after season hostilities!

Here we are, the LFA's playoffs are finally there! After a 21 games regular season who saw the Avengers win the Tremblay trophy in an unexpected way against the Shamrocks, we can turn our attention to the games that really matters, the real season!

Last wednesday was the crowning of the regular season champions at La Cabane, one of our sponsors. Those who came by had the chance to assist a conference on sport nutrition and supplements from Pro Circuit performance, our official energy provider. That evening saw more than 50 players and friends come and listened to Jeremie Marcotte's tricks and tips about nutrition, eating a good meal and drinking beer from the Tremblay trophy. Furthermore, the ones who came by had the chance to watch the premiere of the last LFA's film, covering last year Grand Final. Visit the MEDIA section from our site to watch all our films. No other league offers you more than the Ligue Fédérale des As.

Concerning yesterday's games, we were witness of high intensity games who all ended with tight scores. The first game of the night was opposing last year's champion, the Tomahawks, against the Avengers. Sébastien Renault's men started the game the same way they ended the season, like lions. Their team work and their intensity helped them to take an early lead and set their own rythm to the other team. The Tomahawks seemed incapable of organising themselves in their own zone and didn't took the time to look up before passing the puck, creating a lot of turnovers. In the second and third period, the Tomahawks regained some momentum and scored a couple of goals, 3 by Julien Staeger, and came close of equalizing the score. Unfortunately, they lacked time and the game ended by a score of 6-4 for the Avengers.

The second game was Shamrocks against Loggers. Contrary to their habit of the regular season, the men of Paul Rosa had difficulty to close the neutral zone and that helped Éric Champagne's team to gain control of the game. Even with a goal by Pat Borromeo in the beginning of the game, the Loggers always maintained a 2 or more goal lead for the major part of the first 2 periods. But in the third period, the Shamrocks regrouped and managed to do a movie like comeback, scoring the equalizing goal in the last 30 seconds who seemed to last hours. The Shamrocks (spoiler alert!) finally won the game in the shootouts! Everybody in the arena was on their feet...what a game!

The last game of the night opposed the last two teams in the regular season's standings. After a very hard season, the men of Robinson Henry were coming in the playoffs with a new goaltender after the one they had before received an opportunity to work in Toronto. The Vipers also counted on two substitutes that played very well. It was a team without complex that played against the Czechers. The two teams played against each other in the last game of the season and it was all to the advantage of the men in grey. Even so the odds were against the Vipers, we assisted to a very tight playoffs style game that finished 3-2 for the Vipers. It was a back and forth game and both team played their best.

Come in great number on next saturday and be part of the second day of the playoffs. Visit our schedule to know the time of your favorite team game.

See you soon

Jacob Poliquin