Simon ''Poster boy'' Lavery-Lebeau, Jonathan ''Too much'' Mutch, Félix ''Datsyuk'' Dufour-Labrecque and François '' Boobs'' Bourbonnais, four of the Vipers leaders (Montage Jacob Poliquin)

In sports, we sometimes see the miraculous transformations of individuals or teams who overcome adversity and succeed in winning important matches or competitions. Hockey is perhaps the sport where you can see most often this kind of turnaround, hence the popular saying: "The series are a new season."

Throughout the regular season, some teams have struggled to find the way to win or maintain a winning streak. Despite two trading periods, and perhaps even because of those trades (see bulletin board entitled Mea Culpa), it was very difficult for the Vipers and Tomahawks to compete against other teams in the second half of the season . However, since the start of the playoffs, the men in yellow surprised everyone with a record of 2 wins in a row, they who finished the season with a crushing defeat. The arrival of a new goalkeeper is not the only possible explanation for the success of this team. The leaders stood up and played their best hockey, have turned the page on the past and worked in team with their teammates. All of them play inspired hockey and they will be, as we predict it a few weeks ago, the team to watch.

Tomahawks meanwhile suffered yesterday, again, a heart-breaking defeat with a very tight score. The reds seems to have trouble playing as a team, and emotions are on edge sometimes. It seems that every player on the team wants to do everything by himself, to take the weight of the team on his shoulders alone. Unlike other teams passing the puck as soon as possible, the Tomahawks rely on quick turnarounds and surges to enter the score. Despite their difficulties in the defensive zone, they spent a considerable time in the offensive zone in the last two periods, without however being able to install themselves for good and setup plays. Too often have they lost the puck after an individual play, when from the stands the pass options were very visible. After the game, the team's leaders met to discuss in closed session the problems of the team. Hopefully this will bear fruit in the next game. With three games left, they still have every chance in the world to qualify for the semifinals.

The Shamrocks are now living a "descent into hell", so to speak, after suffering a difficult last night loss to the Czechers, who arrived pumped up after a 3-2 loss against the surprising Vipers . The game between the Shamrocks and Czechers seemed to be heading to a tight score, the score being 3-2 until the third period, where the Czechers managed to score a 4th goal, all this after somehow surviving to the insistence and the bombing of their goalie by men in green. Since their unexpected defeat in the race for the Tremblay Trophy, Paul Rosa's men seems to have lost the "touch" that brought them so much success in the regular season. The team spirit was yet still high , and the confidence up after their magnificent comeback last week and their victory in the shootout. Yesterday they naturally staked everything on the offensive to cut the lead to 4-3, but as it often happens in these situations, they gave one bad turnaround that made the score 5-2 for the Czechers . Unlike last week, the Shamrocks seemed to have abandoned the match to the opponent, who scored two other quick goals. Knowing the men in green, with their collection of leaders and talented players, you can bet that they will return in strength next week. No team has shown that much character this season, and a better team spirit.

The final match was the Loggers against the Avengers. It was a hard fought game, where Loggers showed passion and intensity that seemed to disarm the champions of the regular season. Despite the close result, the Loggers dominated much of the game. The Avengers meanwhile appeared nervous on the ice, which is not in their ways. We bet they too will want to avenge their defeat in the match next week.

To finish, remember that the fundraising campaign for the 2016 Grand Final to benefit the Food Bank of Sun Youth is underway. All players received their donations book, which will collect contact details of those wishing to provide their assistance to the cause and thereby be invited to the Grand Final. Spectators can also go directly to the game site, Sunday May 1 starting at 5:00 PM. They can access the event by offering a monetary donation or non-perishable food. Note that cash donations over $ 20 are tax deductible! Talk to your family, your friends and family. It's for a good cause, and the only chance you'll have this year to see a Cup in Montreal !!!

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