For the second consecutive year, the LFA schedule magically offers us a clash in the last game of the season between the Avengers and the Shamrocks to determine the champion of the 2015-2016 regular season.

Because the Shamrocks lost to the Tomahawks yesterday, and the Avengers crushed the Czechers, Sébastien Renault’s men (25 points) find themselves a point short of Paul Rosa’s troupe (26 points). Next Saturday, at 4:30, we'll see an unexpected championship match between those two clubs. It will be an opportunity for both teams to get their first regular season league title, and the first opportunity for many players to lift the Tremblay Trophy and to taste the delicious golden nectar from it (poetic way of saying that the Tremblay Trophy can hold a keg of beer !!)

I will only summarize yesterday's game between the Tomahawks and the Shamrocks. In an intense game, the men in red, Tremblay Trophy and LFA Cup  champions in 2014-2015, caused a nasty upset to the powerful Shamrocks, defeating them 3-2 in a game that was exciting to the very end!

The other two games were marked mainly by a lot of replacement players, who at the very least, allowed us to test several new players for consideration in the playoffs and the summer season. While some pleasantily surprised, others will look to the outdoor rinks or free hockey before integrating into the LFA. Despite this being a very friendly league, it must remain competitive and it is often difficult to select new members without it causing a balance issue between teams and frustration those who feel shorted. The best remedy for this situation is of course to not need replacements !!


Jacob Poliquin