Today's news will be shorter than usual. We all know the stakes of next week's games: only the Vipers are assured of participation in the semifinals. The other teams, mainly Czechers, Loggers and Shamrocks, who are tied at the bottom of the standings with 5 points, must win at all costs their next game to hope to qualify for the semifinals between the four best teams. After a difficult season for some teams, we can now see some parity in the league and that the fate of each team is in their own hands. We will see next week who will be the men and who will be the kids. Those will be matches not to miss!

This brings us to the Grand Final to be held on May 1, 2016 at 6 PM. Donations books must be returned next Saturday or at the latest the day of the semifinals to account for money paid and prepare tickets accordingly. People who have offered over $ 20 will receive a tax credit from Sun Youth.

The DVD of the 2016 LFA's Winter Classic held on January 16 is now ready! You can order your copy now from the direction of the league. A trailer of the DVD is available in the media section of the website. By buying the Winter Classic's DVD, you'll get to see the whole game with commentaries and three bonus LFA videos!

See you next week!

Jacob Poliquin