The 2016 summer season captains.

The first games of the LFA’s 2016 Summer Season took place Sunday, May 15. With six teams facing off against each other, compared to the four that made up the league last summer, it marked a new page in the LFA’s history. The expansion allows more hockey fans to play their favourite sport 12 months of the year. We’ve also welcomed 30 new regular players to the league, allowing us to have more equally balanced teams. The captains of each team – all of them veterans of the league who have demonstrated their commitment by taking part in its on- and off-ice activities – seem already to have things well in hand.

It goes without saying that many players, both old and new, took advantage of the pre-season BBQ held at the loft of the LFA’s founding CEO. They took advantage of the evening to get to know one another and form friendships, which is one of the league’s most important values. A spirit of camaraderie is already present both within and between the teams of the league. This allow us to offer players an on-ice experience that is intense and competitive, but always respectful. Hot heads cool down quickly! It was around 45 of the 65 regular players who took part in the May 11th BBQ, celebrating the start of the new summer season with burgers (meat, chicken and veggie), hot dogs and the ever-delicious Tremblay beer, compliments of the league’s main sponsor.

A sample of the players present at the preseason BBQ.

The support of Tremblay, and the LFA’s other sponsors, allows our members to have an optimal hockey experience without astronomical costs. It allows the league to support the community by organizing creative charity events, which are always appreciated by those who benefit as well as by the league’s numerous supporters. We are, however, always looking for new sponsors who will enable the league to grow and let more people benefit from its vision. Together we can turn our weekly game into a chance to dream, to imagine what playing in the big leagues would be like, all while having a positive impact on those around us. So keep your eye open for potential sponsors that will allow our league to distinguish itself from the rest.


On that note, have a great 2016 Summer Season! May the better team win, and may the losers have fun doing so! ;)


Jacob Poliquin (As translated by Jonathan Montpetit)