Laurent "Larry" Quesnel from the Shamrocks drinking the tastiest Tremblay beer of his life! (Photo by Paul Rosa)

Laurent "Larry" Quesnel from the Shamrocks drinking the tastiest Tremblay beer of his life! (Photo by Paul Rosa)

That's it ladies and gentlemen, the third LFA Grand Final took place yesterday! From 6pm on, the players fans, their families and friends as well as many spectators from every horizons came to this benefit game for Sun Youth's Food Bank. Nearly 200 people came and offered their support for the cause with a donation in cash or non-perishable food of their choice. Spectators could enjoy the music, Tremblay beer and the BBQ operated by Sun Youth during the Tailgate party which started at 5pm. At the preliminary count, considering donations in cash and food and the result of sales at the BBQ, its over $ 5,000 that was collected for the Sun Youth's Food Bank! A gesture that means a lot in this time of the year when we seem to forget the food distress too many families are living. It is not only during the holidays that solidarity should take place, and the LFA has understood that.

The final match saw the two best teams of the season face off one against the other. The Avengers had managed to grab the title for the regular season's champions, beating the Shamrocks in the last regular game, which was for many one of the great surprises of the season. The early post-season series games were difficult for the Shamrocks, who managed to qualify for the semifinals during a shoot out that took place at their last round robin game. From that moment, however, they seemed to find their wings and concretized the hard working spirit of their team, winning the Grand Final 3-1. They won at the same time the privilege to see their names on the prestigious LFA Cup! To view this epic game, you can visit LiveBarn.com. Get your promo code and link to the site on the side of this page.

The joy that was visible on their faces perfectly reflected the spirit of healthy competition that exists in the league. Indeed, camaraderie and sportsmanship are qualities that are has much sought than the intensity of work and physical yet legal game on the ice. To win the LFA Cup is never easy, but oh so satisfying! After a long season of more than 8 months and many adventures, Paul Rosa's men could finally lift the holy grail of adult hockey. After a photo shoot, they were able to celebrate their conquest of the 2016 LFA Grand Champions title. They drank some Tremblay beers in the Cup while singing their famous team pregame shout: "When I say SHAM you say ROCK!"

Here are in order the number for the first prize and the door prizes that were not claimed yesterday. Contact the league at info@lfahockey.com to claim your prize!

It's with these words that the third regular season of the LFA ends. In the name of Jean-François Desbois, CEO of the league, Laurent Quesnel, Hockey operations Vice-President and mine, I want to thank the volunteers who gave a helping hand to make the Grand Final a successful event. Specifically, staff and members of the LFA would like to thank their partners, without whom the experience offered to players and spectators during games and events would not be the same. Together we can make a difference in the lives of many people!

See you!

Jacob Poliquin

PS .: The summer season will begin operations on May 15. Watch for the upcoming release of the official calendar for the schedule of games. This summer, there will be 6 teams that will play in the hope of winning top honors in the LFA's second summer season.