Jean-François Trudeau, the Avengers goaltender, making a nice pad save. (Photo Alain Barabasy)

This week, the news will not necessarily focus on last Sunday's games. You can see the score on the site and view the games on, using your promotional code.

This week we will talk about goaltender, netminder, goalie or the preferred way you call those semi-masochistic men who throw themselves in front of hard pucks that fly at 100 miles an hour! What pushes a man to talk to his posts? What is the impact of the goaltender on his team?

You all know, the hockey goalies are among the most agile and fucked-up athletes (in a good sense) of amateur and professional sports! They can amaze the crowd with their spectacular saves and change the pace of a game, give momentum to their team, but also cut the legs of their teammates if they let too many "bad goals" go in. Imagine the pressure they put on themselves. It is not for nothing that you better leave a goalie in his bubble!

The impact of a goalie on his team is immense. Several "highly qualified" experts from l'Antichambre will tell you that they are those on which the teams are built. In the LFA, this new summer season is a proof of this impact: our 6 goaltenders are of equivalent caliber and teams are therefore overall much more balanced than at the start of the 2015-2016 regular season. Some adjustments will be made, but between the posts everything seems in order. Some have experienced a slower start but regained victory, others offers stable performance enabling their team to be competitive every game.

Jean-François Gemme, goaltender for the Czechers, wearing his vintage mask. The Vipers player looks like he's doing everything in his power not to come too close to the intimidating goalie! (Photo Alain Barabasy)

In the history of hockey, goalies were often the spark plug of their team, such as Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur and Ken Driden. Their masks are pieces of art, with the aim of intimidating the opponent. This summer, we have among our Cerbères a guy who chose to use an old school mask, which adds to his character. No doubt that in the opponents subconscious, his mask brings a moment of hesitation while approaching his net!

The role of goalkeepers is also to be the general who sees the battlefield before him. Whether directing his defensemen or hitting the ice to inform his teammates about the end of an adverse penalty, their role is not only to stop pucks.

Something unusual: this summer, 4 of our 6 goaltenders are named Jean-François ... is it a coincidence or does the league president, Jean-François Desbois, himself a former goalkeeper, had the idea of cloning himself?

One thing sure, this summer should lead to rather interesting clashes between the goalies. We will see at the end of the summer which ones will face off in the second LFA summer season Final.

In the weeks that follow, I will write about defensemen and forwards in the LFA and hockey in general. If someone has an article idea, he can let me know at the arena or write at

As René Lévesque said: it will be for next time! Ciao