After an exhibition game and four regular season games, the league's selection committee proceeded to light exchanges to strengthen the teams who lacks cohesion and talent and weaken those who find the way to victory no matter their opponent . Exchanges always aim to achieve a balance in the league and allow, when successful, each team to win and have a chance to reach the playoffs. In all cases, the experience of past years has shown that we should not overly weaken the strongest and make them weeker than the team who was previously the weekest.

Captains of the LFA's 6 teams were called upon to proceed to trades, so the teams are more balanced. (Photo J-F DesBois)

Today, members of the selection committee and the league's CEO got together at the league's office in order to achieve a fair deal for all. Visit the TEAMS or PLAYERS sections to see who was traded to wich team!

Last Sunday's games have been relatively tight if we exclude the game between the Avengers and the Vipers, who relied on a goalkeeper with his best days behind him but who graciously replaced the Vipers's starting goaltender at the last minute. The other games saw the Loggers and Czechers win their game by a difference of 3 goals or less. The Czechers are still unbeaten, relying on a stable defensive unit with rapid execution and fast and smart forwards on the ice. Meanwhile, the Tomahawks are still looking for their first win after a series of defeat by one goal and one sweet and sour defeat against the best team in the league. As for the Shamrocks, according to their captain, they played one of those game where nothing works but only lost by 2 goals, and are confident on finding the way back to victory.

It remains to be seen whether the exchanges will have an impact this sunday, or if an adjustment period is necessary. In this short season, lack of effort and of team spirit must stop right now if every team wants to get in the playoffs!

See you soon!

Jacob Poliquin