Logo concept for the Las Vegas Black Knights (Photo credit

That's it, the NHL officially announced that the city of Las Vegas will get an expansion team, called the Black Knights. Is it only me who finds the idea of a HOCKEY team in Vegas and the team's name a little weird? Seems like only money has power in this world...

From left to right: Eric Kingsley from Sun Youth, Jean-François DesBois of the LFA and Ann St-Arnaud from Sun Youth.



The league is becoming more and more like the pearl of adult hockey in Quebec and Canada; the hockey experience on-ice and off-ice is incomparable, and the involvement of the league with charities in the Montreal region makes it stand out from its "competitors". Recently, the CEO of the League presented a $ 5550 check to Sun Youth, gathered during last season's Grand Final. Sun Youth will be part of this summer second LFA Summer Championship. Prepare yourself for a hell of a game!!

Regarding last Sunday, we were treated with the first defeat of the season for the powerful Czechers, and another defeat fort the Tomahawks, who despite trades still doesn't have what it takes in terms of style of players to compete against other teams. Many players do not play up to their talent, are injured or are over-valued, or unable to follow their one true forward able to score regularly, Félix Dufour-Labrecque. Is the lack of overall speed the result of too many lazy players or simple lack of talent and endurance? The team's captain would like to find the answer. Despite an intensity worthy of the playoffs two weeks ago, the victory still seems unattainable despite good games starts. Internal alignment changes may have an effect on boosting the attack.

Jean-François Poitras, goaltender for the Tomahawks, gives all he got every game even in defeat. (Photos: Alain Barabasy. Montage: Jacob Poliquin)

Other teams in the league seem quite well balanced, sharing the wins between them. Considering that nearly half of the players are new to the league, the teams balancing is quite successful and this is a process that will be perfected with time, in better knowing the players and complementary styles.

Good luck to all the teams for the remaining stretch of the season, and may the best team wins !!!