Mélanie Desrochers was the third woman to play in the LFA and impressed a lot of people with her skills and confidence on the ice. (Photo Alain Barabasy)

Last Sunday, the LFA hosted the third female player in its history. After Maguy Deslauriers and Julie Desjardins, it was the turn of Mélanie Desrochers to wear one of the LFA's uniform. She impressed more than one regular player, who may not be expecting so much talent and confidence in her game. Yet the former NCAA hockey player probably has more experience under her blades than many male players in the league.

The guys showed class by considering Desrochers in the same way than any other player. No displaced allusions or unwanted behavior compared to what can be found in other organizations less focused on respect.

Sunday's matches were rather tight regarding the first two games, but the last saw the Tomahawks lose again, and this time by a 7-0 shutout. No comments. The two-weeks vacation in early July will among other things reevaluate certain players and make changes to, at least, give a chance for each team to be competitive in the playoffs. It seems that too many new players gathered within the same team and were poorly evaluated or fail to follow the fast and intense game of the league, or do not have enough experience to compete.

Loggers have similarly inherited a higher talent average than other teams, but also players who understand the game and have the ability to keep pace and respect a game plan. Same for the Vipers who demonstrated last Sunday their ability to impose their style on the other team and each player seemed to beat the speed and skills of their opponents, while keeping the game simple.

Anyway, slight changes will probably take place by the time we return to hockey in order to complete the balancing of teams. The purpose of the exercise is not to destroy the best team and make the least talented invincible (think of the Tomahawks and Vipers last season) but rather to provide a balanced game for all. After all, everyone pays to play and have fun, and assured defeat is never pleasant, especially when efforts are given with no results.

With that, have a good vacation and visit the site and newsletter to stay in touch with developments in the league.

See you soon,

Jacob Poliquin