The Tremblay beer is the main sponsor of the League. Tremblay is a pale lager brewed with a 100% malt grist. The golden color, subtle bouquet and satisfying taste are the result of a delicate balance between malt and hop. Tremblay is a complex blend of fine aromas.

The LFA is proud to announce that the 2016 Grand Final, having opposed the Shamrocks andAvengers on May 1, has raised $ 5,500 for Sun Youth's Food Bank. Despite the short time between the LFA Winter Classicin January and this event, the League was able to continue its tradition and stand out from the competition by getting involved in the community.

The success of this event is largely due to the league's partners; their financial support allows it to focus on the hockey experience for its members and on its social mission. As the main partner of the League, Brasseurs RJ and the Tremblay beer are a major ingredient in the success of the League. Last week, they and the LFA have renewed their partnership agreement for 2 years! Players will therefore benefit for that period of time the sweet golden beer after games and during special events, as was the case during the pre-season BBQ!

By drinking Tremblay beer at the arena and outside, you are not only helping to fund the League's activities but you concretize a partnership by showing your loyalty to the main sponsor of the LFA, without which the latter could not offer a hockey experience as its the case for over 3 years now.

In the LFA its Tremblay!

Tom Spencer from the Czechers desperately trying to stop the Shamrocks's rocket Bradford Redpath. The latter is having his best start of season with an average of 4 goals per game! (Photo Alain Barabasy)

We announce that the LFA Direction and the League's Disciplinary Committee has had to act for the first time this summer. During the match between the Shamrocks and Czechers last Sunday, reprehensible acts that are not and will never be tolerated by the League have occured. Two players have received official warnings and two received suspension from 1 to 3 games. For more details on the Direction's decision, see the Bulletin Board section on our site.

Remember that although intensity and the competitive aspect of the League will always be valued, violent and dangerous gestures, verbal and physical attacks that exceed hockey conventions will not be tolerated and punished in an appropriate way.

Enjoy the remaining games in this short summer season and have fun practicing the most beautiful sport in the world in tthe city's best league!


Jacob Poliquin