On this week news that precedes the return to play after two weeks of vacation, a summary of the short summer season is required.

In the standings, the Czechers are at the top with only one defeat in regulation to date and a total of 13 points, followed by theLoggers with 11 points and Shamrocks and Vipers who both have 10 points. At the bottom of the ranking we find the Avengers with 9 points and the Tomahawks with 1 points.

This ranking, although it does not show every aspects of hockey that can bring victory or defeat, is still a pretty fair reflection of the problems that the first exchange session failed to resolve.

That's why those two weeks off have been used by the CEO and the captains to reevaluate certain players and the teams's style, to better understand the problems and try to resolve them once and for all. Nothing is perfect in this world, but here are the exchanges that took place:

Hopefully these will allow all to compete for the final stretch of the season and the playoffs!

The biddings are open to guess who will be the champions of the LFA's second summer season. Visit the site often to discover the official poster of the championship game for Sun Youth's benefits, and which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

See you soon,

Jacob Poliquin