The first playoff weekend is behind us and a few important points are to note. First, some teams had to play with several substitutes, who although they are sometimes more talented than the replaced players, change the group dynamics that is so important in games with no tomorrow. We are all aware of the complicated schedules and family obligations, but it remains that at this point in the season, absenteeism has an important impact on the team and on the balancing of strengths. Despite all the good will in the world, one can not predict the impact of a particular player, know all the personalities and how everyone reacts in stressful situations, etc. Thus, an additional effort of some players toward their team would be appropriate; after all, there are only two games before the Championship Game !!!

The rallying cry is only one of hockey's traditions made to create a feeling of belonging and a good team spirit, wich are very important to be succesful in this sport (archive photo jfd)

Secondly, teamspirit is one of the most important factor for those who aspire to win the Cup. The title of the article is all about that; in the word VICTORY, there's a T, as in TEAM. Repetitive individual plays and the lack of a clear game plan can be costly at this time of the season. A prime example of this is the resurgence of the Loggers last Sunday, team led by Sebastien Mainville. After a difficult end of season that some attribute to the last exchanges, with or without reason, the players wearing black ''washed their dirty clothes'' together, which has given results. The same individuals who seemed to go nowhere came together and put aside their rivalries to win their first match convincingly.

A simple but respected game plan and team spirit which overcomes the difficulties are what allowed the winning teams from previous seasons to win their championships ... add to that effort at all time and a dose of confidence in their own talent and you have, in my opinion, the recipe for a winning team in playoffs.

Do not forget to collect the most donations possible that will allow donors to come and attend the 2016 Summer Championship Game, while helping Sun Youth's SLAP programm. A good move for you, your LFA's comrades and the community, will you participate or not in the final. You can return your donations cards and money raised at the last day of games before the finals, wich is Sunday, August 21, 2016.

With that, good week and see you Sunday!

Jacob Poliquin