Last Sunday was held the second day of competition in the 2016 summer season playoffs. We were treated with real playoffs games, the intensity being above what we have seen until now this summer. Every teams arrived with confidence, ready for battle and leaving little space to their opponents.

The first game of the evening, between the regular season champions, the Avengers, and the Loggers, was initially relatively one-sided. Sébastien Marchand's men in blue controlled the game well and their transition speed allowed them to be in possession of the puck a major portion of the first period, causing some frustration on the Loggers's side. The Avengers took a comfortable lead, but should have been more careful because the Loggers regrouped and came close to equalise the game. It ended with a score of 6-4 in favor of the Avengers, who are unbeaten in the playoffs so far. Loggers have meanwhile a record of one win and one loss.

Cyril Boucard was on top of his game as he faced-off against the vipers giving his all every shift (Photo Alain Barabasy)

The second game of the evening pitted the always dangerous Alex Paré's Vipers to Patrick Blais's Tomahawks. It was a old school battle, the two teams leaving no chance and space to their adversaries and playing with intensity. Accidental stick blows and intensity penalties were numerous throughout the game. It was not until the second period that a goal was scored, by the Tomahawks. The Vipers nevertheless countered moments later to tie the score. Each team has increased the pressure in the third, and the Tomahawks have managed to break the yellow wall first, on a deflected shot. Despite continuous efforts, the Vipers were unable to break through the red defensive, who managed to give the ''coup de grace'' in the final moments of the game. The teams therefore find themselves with a win and a loss and a game to play!

stephane synnott's return to action with two goals was a big part in his teams victory last sunday. (Photo Alain Barabasy)


The last game of the evening pitted the Czechers and the Shamrocks. The men in gray, whose captain Matthew Perris attended the game as a coach since he is still in remission from injury, could count on more regular players than their last game. That seemed to make a noticeable difference for the cohesion was better and they were able to impose their fast style of play to Arnaud Guertin's Shamrocks. They have played with intensity, but from the stands, their plays seemed to lack cohesion and as the game progressed, the players seemed to lack ideas on how to score against the opposing team. They have been threatening on several occasions, but luck seemed not to be on their side. The Czechers will play their next game with a record of one win one loss, while the Shamrocks will present themselves with a record of two defeats in as many games.

Next Sunday we will know the finalists who will compete in the Championship Game on August 28 at 6PM. Several teams are still in the hottest of the fight. We bet that we will have equally intense games on next sunday!

Good luck to everyone!

Jacob Poliquin