The last playoff games of the LFA 2016 Summer Season took place yesterday. Initially, five of the six teams could expect to participate in the Championship Game. Each team absolutely needed to win their game. At the end of the evening, the two best teams were known: Sébastien Marchand's Avengers and Alex Paré's Vipers will face off against each other next Sunday during our Championship Game.

Both teams showed throughout the season and playoffs regularity and team spirit, compensating for their weaknesses by good work ethic and constant effort, even in the most difficult moments. This is what separates the great championship teams from others. We have seen in the past that teams with less pure talent can win do or die games with their intensity, dedication to the team and better coordination amongst the guys.

We will have a Championship Game between two teams counting on a happy blend of talent, experience and intensity. Wish them well in this ultimate game! All the players from other teams are strongly encouraged to come and support their comrades, to turn the page on a difficult or frustrating season for some around cold Tremblay beers,  the BBQ operated by Sun Youth and a happy ambiance like in no other league. Let all the players of the LFA, its partners and charity organisations it supports be winners on this festive day!

Can't wait to see you all next Sunday!

Jacob Poliquin