That's it, the 2016-2017 season is upon us! This Saturday will be the first day of activity for the LFA's new regular season. Many recruits will make their debut in the league, distributed among the eight teams that will compete this year. Indeed, the LFA is pleased to announce its expansion; the Meteores and Kamikazes are the two teams adding to the six existing ones. All these changes are the result of and contribute to the dynamism of the league and this year we will create two divisions wich will be drawn later in the season. Increasingly, the LFA takes the form of a professional circuit dedicated to amateur hockey players's love of the game. The Direction is looking in that way, with plans for expansion and unification of leagues to create a large provincial championship. Each year, the LFA learns and is continuously working to provide the best hockey experience to its players, members and partners.

Note that following the draft of many new players, trades will likely take place in order to balance the teams after a few weeks of activity, and the Direction and the Selection Committee will act with patience and caution in order not to repeat the mistakes of last season. Despite the playoffs being rather tight and exciting, we are aware that exchanges have caused bitterness among some.

The expansion to eight teams also means that new hours were implemented to allow the holding of four games instead of three. Check the schedule carefully so as not to be late for your games. It is always recommended, in the universal tradition of hockey and in a team spirit perspective, to arrive at least 30 minutes before your game at the arena. This will help respond more easily to missing players, equipment or administration problems and is a sign of respect for your teammates. After all, the LFA is not a traditionnal '' Beer League " but a competitive yet friendly Adult League.

To finish, I would like to return on another premiere to have taken place in recent weeks. Wednesday, September 7 took place at McCarold's McHall room the first LFA Awards, which brought together about fifty players, friends and members of the great LFA family to share agourmet meal and a couple of cold beers, to end with the presentation of the 2015-2016 individual awards. Many players have been awarded in several categories such as Top Scorer, Best Passer, Best Defenceman, Best Goalkeeper, MVP of the playoffs, Best Defensive-forward, Best Sportmanship, Best off-ice Spirit, Dark hero, Rookie of the year, etc. Special mention to Maxence Hilleret, who created the evening's beautiful presentation document on a voluntary basis, and wich added a lot of cachet to the event.

This gala is just one example of the level of excellence and the experience that the LFA wants his players and those who attend its events to live. I sincerely hope that this season will be the best in the history of the league, as a hockey and humain point of view. Check the news and the babillard every week if you want to stay aware of new developments that are coming for this season.

Looking forward to see you all,

Jacob Poliquin