Last Saturday was the first day of official matches for the LFA's 2016-2017 season. The week before, we had a taste of what to expect with the exhibition games, but this time it was the real deal! For a change, the league was entitled to even more premieres on the first day of activities!

First match of the season, first shootouts!


First, we were pleased with the first shootouts of the season in the first game of the evening between the Vipers and the Loggers, eventually won by the latter (to watch a video summary of the game, visit our Facebook page) https://www.facebook.com/lfahockey/ In fact, three games out of four ended with a close result, only the last between the Shamrocks and Czechers have been one-sided. The first day gives hope that little exchanges will be needed to achieve parity and to make sure that each team is competitive. The last game, even if it ended 7-1, was marked by repeated bad luck for the Czechers throughout the match. Let's cross our fingers that the team will regroup and obtain success in their next game!

Ben Fillion and Danaé Guay, a couple, skated on the same team and helped them to a big shoot out win !!


Then we witnessed a rare event in adult leagues, with the presence in the Loggers team of a couple! Indeed, Ben Fillion and Danae Guay played the game together and actively participated in the victory of their team. Like what the phrase "the love of the game" can sometimes make perfect sense!

Amélie Champagne, first female goaltender in the LFA's history, savouring a well deserved Tremblay beer!

To finish, the people gathered at the arena had the opportunity during the match between the Avengers and the Meteores to watch the first female goaltender in its history. Some female players had played in the league before, but we had never been able to admire the work of the "fairer sex" between the two posts. The goalie in question, Amelie Champagne who drove from Rimouski to live the LFA experience first hand, was solid in her net and helped her team to win the match, which was decided with just over a minute to play!

With all those firsts, I cannot help thinking about what surprises this season will bring to us! Hopefully everything will go well and we'll still find ourselves at the end of the season will a tight race for the playoffs!

See you on saturday,

Jacob Poliquin