Hi guys,

Sometimes, actually most often, you have to read between the lines, see the invisible and understand things at a different level than the one we are presented with. Take for example the communications between the league and its members by the ticket of this site or various emails or post on FB. They are not always addressed to you personally but to all the men who form the LFA. When the league wants to underline the contribution of a guy or another we mention his name and team and what he has done. On the other hand when we have problems here and there throughout La Ligue Fédérale des As we generalize so that everyone is aware of what is wrong so that together we can find solutions to solve them.

So take note of what concerns you and nuance the remarks held here because in some cases they concern only a handful of players so the comments should not affect or offend you. We have a good core of players with a lot of new faces who need to get acquainted to continue to write together the fabulous history of the league of leagues in the country.


You are 11 individuals who form a team in the central division and one of you has the responsibility to take care of your unit. But it's not up to him or his assistant to do everything. Thank you for voluntering with your captain to contribute to the smooth running of your team and your games. Whether it is filling the bottles and emptying them afterwards, pick up the pucks, bringing the recycling box to the other locker room ((AFTER THE #2 GAME OF THE DAY)) or washing the subs jersey's. Do your part to make it cool for your captain and the overall atmosphere in your team. Showing up for your game while the zamboni is on the ice and leaving while it is on again sucks. "Be part of the team" and your team will become one!

In the satellite division it is Jérôme or Boubs who are in charge when the guy who writes these few lines is not present. Thanks for giving them a hand.


It's a question that often comes up in the hockey world. Who really invented the game? Native Americans, McGill students at the end of the 19th century, the Russians ?! Learn more about it in this article


when its cool off the ice, its cool on it, one of the many benefits of participating in the lfa communaty. Remy & Simon having a good time (archive photo)

Every Saturday since 1999 well before the creation of the LFA, several of us have been meeting after our weekly games for some grob and a couple of pops. The tradition as continued into the LFA days and this aspect of the league is also part of your player contract that you signed at the beginning of the season. The first idea is not necessarily to give something back to our sponsors who support us (which is a good thing anyhow) but more to create links between the members of the league to lessen the sometimes disgraceful tensions and gestures that can happen on the ice. In addition just like at the pharmacy, you may find a friend!

This week we will go to one of our sponsors who has supported us since the beginning and who has an excellent cuisine,  the CABANE of Portugal located on the Main! Thank you for letting me know (BEFORE 2 PM Saturday) if you will be coming by so that I can reserve enough places .

Play to play !!