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I have been saying it for a long time since I've lived it on many occasions in my "carrier" but the other day I had the tub on while I was working on league stuff and a former member of the Ducks organization if I remember well mentioned on RDS that their coach had ordered them to go take "a" beer together to get to know each other and create chemistry within the team. And from what he says, it worked ! So if it's good for the pros, it should work for you. The idea is not to get drunk but how do you want to win and have fun playing if you do not know the other 10 guys with whom you "theoretically" will spend the season. "Anyways, it's worth thinking about it!"


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Here is an article that our friend Fern sent me, I think he might interest you. Be warned it was translated on Google translate and not proofread.

Should we stretch before or after exercise? Are muscle stretches an integral part of a physical activity session? What type of stretching is most appropriate following a particular activity? It often happens that athletes do not take the time to stretch before or after cardiovascular or muscular effort. Is this really necessary as part of a healthy lifestyle?

It has been shown that muscle stretching can increase joint amplitude by better flexibility of the tissues (muscles, ligaments, articular capsules ...). They can reduce the risk of injury and reduce the damage to surrounding tissue. On the other hand, there are several controversies about whether they should be done before or after a fiscal year. Here is a brief summary of the latest trends on this topic.

Studies show that pre-exercise stretches statically maintained (ie, for more than 30 seconds) decrease muscle performance and increase the risk of injury, especially in high intensity exercises. This mechanism could be explained by a loss of effectiveness of contraction of the muscle fiber in reaction to the stretch. On the other hand, stretches of functional types, which are not statically maintained and which respect the joint amplitudes implemented during the activity, could be beneficial. These are performed in an active way in an articular amplitude that mimics the sporting gesture of the activity to come. For example: do shoulder rotations before swimming. They would increase the muscular temperature and cause the physiological awakening of the stimulated body part. This would increase muscle performance, but also reduce the incidence of injury.

On the other hand, static stretches performed immediately after exercise do not seem to be beneficial in order to reduce muscle aches and do not accelerate post-exercise recovery. Indeed, according to current evidence, the feeling of well-being that a post-training stretching session brings would be temporary and the effects would dissipate very quickly. In order to increase muscular flexibility in a person who lacks flexibility, stretches remain effective if they are performed regularly, either immediately after training or away from training.

In summary, stretching is indicated in people who lack flexibility to reduce the risk of injury. They should be done regularly and ideally away from workouts. Static pre-stretching should be avoided, as it increases the risk of injury and decreases the performance of a muscle. Post-workout stretches do not have the virtue of decreasing aches or helping with recovery, but they remain pleasant for many and are not contraindicated.
Remi Bergeron physiotherapist


Having picked up red jerseys for substitute players in our Sunday Satellite division, the league administration is looking for blue jerseys. So if you have any you are not using, we'll take em off your hands!

post games added bonuses....


With the first game that ends at 3:30 in our central division and the last one at at 8pm it is normal that the first groupe of boys are hungry well before the usual post game get together. This is the reason why since the beginning of the season, we have ad multiple post games gangs with successive waves of players taking turns at the McCarold's pub or the Cabane on the Main. Still the fun of being a big group late in the evening after my "shift" is always fun but may it be at that time or earlyer in the day the important thing to keep a good atmosphere in the league outside as on the ice is that the boys of all allegiance meet up to break bread and take a few brews together like we did at la Cabane last Saturday where close to 20 boys and girls got together to spend a great night together.

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