Ladies and gentlemen, last Saturday in the first game of the day, between the Social Revival Hackers and the Pro-jet Demolition Rhinos, we were treated to a first ... defeat of the men in red! The game started well, with tight play and each team playing with caution while applying more and more pressure in the neutral zone to force turnovers. The men in gray have relied on rapid backcheck in the neutral zone to limit the room for maneuver of the Rhinos' star player, Felix Dufour-Labrecque.

The Rhinos were preparing themselves for another victory, which never came this time (Photo Lisette Nepveu)

The Rhinos were preparing themselves for another victory, which never came this time (Photo Lisette Nepveu)

After a first controversial goal (the majority of the witnesses say there was no offside), the Hackers did not stop bombarding the Rhinos' goalkeeper, who were defending themselves short of one defenseman, since one of them did not digest the referees' decision and came to leave the game. For their part, the Hackers also played short of one D-man, Mario Bergevin having injured his back early in the game following a bad fall. Anyway, the Rhinos continued to play hard despite the score against them. It is by the mark of 6-2 that the men of Patrick Blais lost their first game of the season. It must happen at least once!?


We also had the first shootouts of the season, following a spectacular comeback from La Cabane Loggers, who tied the game with just under two minutes to play in their game against the Barbares. This comeback has finally not had the desired conclusion for the Loggers, the Barbares  having the best in the shootout thanks to the goal of insurance from José Pascual.

In the stands, the spectators were thrilled by the show offered by the two teams, who played a cautious game at the beginning, but more and more intense and emotionally towards the end.


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Have a good week,

Jacob Poliquin