once again this season an lfa game had to go into a shoot out to determine a winner. this time around, the kamikazes wearing the alternate white lfa jersey won (photo jfd)

We had to wait several months, but we finally got on Saturday a hockey day such as the LFA wishes to offer its members. The four games ended with a difference of two goals or less, including shoot-outs. It was an exciting day worthy of the playoffs, which was a reflection of different trades made along the season and the gradual construction of team identities.

The first part of the day, between the Shamrocks and the Vipers, seemed to start off as most people expected, that is, with the team in green taking the lead 3-0 after two periods. On the other hand, just before the end of the second period, the Vipers demonstrated that they have the ingredients to succeed by buzzing for more than three minutes in the Shamrocks' zone, which saw their general lack of speed catch up to them as it has been customary for several weeks. Despite the desire to catch up at the return of the zamboni break, the Shamrocks quickly fell to the Vipers' successive attacks caused by turn arounds and lazyness from the Shamrocks and a relentlessness effort from the Vipers. The arrival of veteran Donald Turcotte in their team was very helpful, with his four assists. The Shamrocks, who seemed to think they would have an easy victory, gave six goals in the third and eventually lost 6-4.

The second part of the evening opposed the two expansion teams, the Meteors and the Kamikazes. The latter quickly took the lead 5-0 at the expanse and surprise of the Meteors, who nevertheless like the Vipers before them managed to climb up the slope and force the holding of shoot outs. It was a game full of color, intensity and physical play, with sometimes a few minor clashes, but generally a very good hockey game. It took five rounds of shootout to allow the Kamikazes to finally win the match!

The third part of the evening, between the Loggers and the Rhinos, was also played at a high pace, the Loggers offering us the third comeback of the evening, they who had a deficit of three goals to overcome. It was a game marked by the fast transitions and lack of concentration, as most goals were the result of a lack of focus or an unlucky turn. It was only at the very end of the game, with a little more than a minute to play, that the Rhinos managed to score their fourth goal which offered them victory. An important game, which announces the colors of the playoffs.

The fourth game of the night also ended with a one-goal difference, with the Avengers winning. Having not been able to watch the last game, I do not doubt that it took place in the same manner as the first three, that is to say with the energy of despair and the will to affirm its identity before the end of the season.

Let's bet that the next games will also be played with intensity and determination, with more than half of the teams at least still having a chance to win the Tremblay Trophy given to the regular season champions.

Be ready for next Saturday boys!

Jacob Poliquin