martin maillié and michel-phillipe lang aka "mimi" after a game of the inaugural season of the lfa (archive photo of lizette nepveu)

Last Saturday, several events highlighted the spirit of fraternity and camaraderie prevailing in the LFA. Although some players have not yet fully realized this, most veterans and new expansion players have assimilated these values.

First of all, we were treated with games of an unseen intensity, while remaining within the standards of sportsmanship. Some teams saw their chances of participating in the semi-finals evaporate, but nevertheless offered solid performances in defeat. Despite the disappointment, everyone kept their head high and congratulated their opponents as the custom wants.

Some teams arrived at the arena last Saturday with the firm intention of keeping their perfect record; the Shamrocks, Avengers and Loggers were all unbeaten at that time. The second game of the evening pitted Paul Rosa's Shamrocks against Sébastien Renault's Loggers. The men in green were able to resist the repeated attacks from the Loggers and took advantage of the men in black's mistakes to run away with the victory and thus improve to a 3-0-0 record. The Loggers will play their next game with a 2-1-0 record, which places them tied with the Meteores.

Accidents are part of hockey. With the help of LFA brothers, Ludovic Helias' injury had been managed until the ambulance's arrival. (Photo google)

Accidents are part of hockey. With the help of LFA brothers, Ludovic Helias' injury had been managed until the ambulance's arrival. (Photo google)

The last game of the night was between the Avengers, unbeaten and regular season champions, and the Vipers, who at first seemed demoralized by the speed of the men in blue. Nevertheless, they were able to get together come back in the game, taking the lead and then returning to a tie. Towards the end of the game, a seemingly innocuous accident caused a serious injury to Vipers captain Ludovic Hélias. On video, it seems that an opponent's stick got stuck in the captain's elbow protector, and caused an important cut when it was forcefully removed. Ludovic immediately rushed to the bench, making the sign to call for help.

At that moment, several players from the other teams, attending the game, came to his rescue; Miguel Legault, who was watching is team (the Avengers), being himself injured, showed leadership and guided the efforts of other league's brothers in their attempts to slow down the bleeding. What could have become a drama ended in a forced visit to the hospital to receive stitches. With the amount of blood lost, it is easy to believe that without the help of his teammates, opponents and LFA brothers, the consequences could have been much more important for him. Many thanks to all those who have demonstrated that fraternity is more important than competition.

Stimulated by their captain's injury, the men in yellow managed to win the game in shoot-outs, which ended the Avengers series of victories. It was undoubtedly the biggest, most intense game with the most important consequences of the season.

Here is the standing after the first three games of the Round Robin;

1. Shamrocks - 9 points

2. Avengers - 7 points

3. Loggers - 6 points

4. Météores - 6 points

5. Vipers - 5 points

6. Czechers - 2 points

7. Rhinos - 1 point

8. Kamikazes - 0 point

Good luck to everyone on next Saturday!

Jacob Poliquin