Inspired by an article in a magazine, in fact the 2009 souvenir program of the Impact that I found buried under a pile of stuff in the doctor officce. I thought the remarks were just as good for a hockey player as it was for a soccer one. So here are the essential ingredients required to become a well-rounded player in any sport.

AMBITION: Intense desire to get results and succeed.

HONESTY: To be upright and honest with oneself in one's convictions. Integrity, morality

COMMUNICATION: To communicate with his teammates and his coach (captain) in order to be well organized as a team on the ice.

TRUST: Feeling that one trusts oneself. Insurance,  boldness.

WILL: Faculty to determine oneself, to act with energy and constancy.

MENTAL FORCE: State of mind, internal force, which allows to ignor the environment and the pressure by channeling the internal forces to the profit of the attainment of the goal.

TECHNICAL HABILITY: Talent, ability to master basic hockey techniques such as shooting accuracy, passing and puck control.

PHYSICAL HABILITY: Physical condition of the athlete, but also coordination, agility, balance and movement.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Believing that an optimistic view of circumstances has a positive influence on performance and success.

DETERMINATION: The attitude of an athlete who acts with will and perseverance towards a goal.

INTELLIGENCE OF THE GAME: Tactical understanding, rules and position play. Good decision making in game situation.

If you take the time to assimilate these basic principles, you will also be able to improve yourself at any age. That said, the important thing is to have fun!