On August 27, the first Inter-Divisional Final of the LFA was held. Indeed, members of the best league in the Montreal area were able to choose for the 2017 summer season to play either in one of the teams of the metropolitan division or for one of the new south-shore division's teams, which played at the Brossard Bell sport complex. The high quality facilities that usually serves as the second home for the Montreal Canadiens attracted more than one, whom were divided into four teams. For their part, the six Montreal teams played their games at the Notre-Dame College arena, our usual rink; the two divisions completed the summer season with semi-finals to determine which teams would represent their respective division in the Inter-Division Final.

The Simwell Torpedoes, champions of the 2017 Summer season.(photo Joe Fleming)

The Simwell Torpedoes, champions of the 2017 Summer season.(photo Joe Fleming)

It was the Montreal Division's seasonal champions, the SimWell Torpedoes, and the South Shore Division's Meteores who played in front of a crowd gathered for an intense game that was also a charity event on behalf of Sun Youth's Food Bank. After a battled hard start, the SimWell Torpedoes began to increase pressure and demonstrated why they were the regular season champions: a well-coordinated team game, an individual effort at all times, a mix of veterans and recruits and unwavering concentration. Meanwhile, in spite of great efforts, the Meteores seemed completely overwhelmed by the turn of event and some players (probably to please the crowd) began to try to do everything themselves, to deke the same player twice or cross the ice alone. From the stands, a team seemed to have forgotten how they had gone so far...

It was not the tightest match in the history of the LFA finals, but we still had some great plays and spectacular goals and a hockey lesson from the champions. After three periods, it was the SimWell Torpedoes who had the joy and privilege of raising the trophy for the summer season champions, the Hockey Brotherhood cup! We are still counting the donations received during the game, but the amount that will be offered to Sun Youth should be around 7000$

The Ligue Fédérale des As wishes to thank all those who offered their help in organizing the event and to all those who came to encourage the players participating in the final and/or donated to the Sun Youth Food Bank. Together we have made a difference in our community for the past four years now!