Hi guys,

It is after four years of trial and error with this hockey project that we can definitely say that we have arrived to a new era in La Ligue Fédérale des As. This does not mean that there will be no other changes, that there is no room for improvement, or that we will sit on our ass and let it be. But after meeting our 88 regulars players individually last season, the league administration has a better idea of what makes the consensus within the group. That said, the mission of the league remains the same, providing an optimal hockey experience to its members while supporting the community.

For regulars of the weekly bulletin board of the LFA you will notice that this one will be no longer be in "franglais" but will have two distinct versions and for those who were mixed up with the different blogs (LFA News, Special Collaborations, While sipping a last one and the LFA Bulletin Board) they are all now under the LFA JOURNAL again in both official languages as the LFA wishes to bridge the two solitudes in the shadow of the work of Hugh Maclennan which was translated by my mother by the way. Having had since 2013 two expansions on Saturdays going from 4 to 8 teams and from less than a hundred players to more than 800 members today, we succeeded last summer our first expansion outside the framework of the Collège Notre-Dame arena by setting up a division on the South Shore on Monday nights at the Brossard Bell Sports Complex, a training ground for the Canadians,

After this first successful expansion we are enthusiastically welcoming this autumn the creation of our new Satellite Division which in fact is the taking over of a "league" and a group of individuals who for the most part have been playing together for years . This will enable some central division players (the Saturday group) to sub Sundays and for our new Satellite division members to come experience the LFA difference on Saturdays.

But the appetite to broaden the horizons of the LFA does not stop there. Indeed, after some failures to set up divisions in the west island and on the south shore this winter, the administration of the league launches another project for morning hockey with the creation of the LFA 7AM BUZZ. This will enable us to set up shop at the Bell Complex in Brossard, the Sportplex in Pierrefond and the new Place Bell in Laval, in all three cases following their request to bring our expertise over by creating a morning league. The latter will be composed of 12 teams through 3 independent divisions which will all play their games at 7:00 am starting in October. You can find more details about this new LFA product on our website. http://www.lfahockey.com/forfait-lfa-en/ and those already registered in one of our programs will only have to send me an email to inform me of their interest with a $ 30 discount for the members of the central divisions already registered in our hockey insurance plan. Naturally this remains a project that will only take place if we have the commitment of players who want to become REGULAR in our morning division.


In this fifth edition of our annual pre-season BBQ, eighth in fact if you count those of the summer season, we were entitled to a great evening with more than half of the league members present with fantastic stories, well felt laughs and great energie ! Some guys who had not seen each other for a while were all smiles during this great get together of boys and girls as some guys brought some "friends". Boubs accompanied by Simon D. took over the grill and Arnaud as usual arrived after his shift at the hospital scotch bottle  in hand to close the evening off. Thank you to all those who came by with great attitudes and bags full of stories and who made this evening a true classic! Starting our season together on the right foot! Unfortunately for them, those who did not participate missed a hell of a good one!


- Make sure you consolt the documents that were sent to you last week because you will have to go to the league's office at ice level to sign your contract to play this season in the LFA and the article (RA-13) will be applied to the letter. -In addition to the deposit for the season, all players will have to pay their participation fee in full or in 2 payments on the prescribed date. A player who has not paid his participation fee on the prescribed dates will be refused access to the ice and his team will be penalized by his absence unless replaced by a substitute player.

- In the central division we will take the photo of new players on Saturday and we will ask the members of both divisions to fill out the contact sheet in order to settle all the paperwork at the beginning of the season.

- Changes to the calendar that appeared last week were made, so for those who had already entered the data in their phone or calendar, be warned.

-All regular players are also on our weekly mailing list to sub for you to play in the other division. Those who do not wish to receive these invitations, please let us know.

- The post game get together will be held at the McCarold's pub where members of both divisions can enjoy the LFA COMBO (hamburger of the day, fries and a big Grolsh) for $ 18 including taxes on presentation of the LFA key holder (2017-2018 edition) you will all receive at your match this weekend.

-The best moments in photo of the 2016-2017 season are now online. http://www.lfahockey.com/photos-en/

IMPORTANT NOTE THIS SEASON: Since I started this project in December 2012, I have been available 24/7 for all our members, whether to answer their questions, listen to their complaints about one thing or another, or search for a player for their teams in another league. This besides a full range of reasons too long to list here. In short with 110 regular players and a growing list of substitutes, I need to make a break between work and my personal life. Henceforth, in all matters relating to hockey, you will have to send me an e-mail. I will no longer answer text messages or telephones except on game days. I hope you understand, though if you are in my hood with your "cousins" or want to go out for a beer it's another story;) But if it concerns the league, please write to me.

takin from an  ERA WHERE CREATing A LEAGUE WAS ONLY A RUNNING GAG AND THE CUp WHICH WAS to inspire THE LFA one ,just floating on my mind (PHOTO SHARRON RAMBY)

I wish you all a great season and wish that it really is and that you see the full potential of what is available to you because the LFA is more than just a hockey league.

Play to play !!