In our society we have rights that many people do not have around the world and one of these is to be able to express our voice, our point of view and to be heard by voting for the candidate of our choice. By taking action we contribute to the community, the democratic process and social debate while supporting the person, the party... or the PLAYER in this case whose values are close to our own. Someone who is valued and recognized for his combativeness and his convictions, a team player, who participates in the collective life of the league and who is respected for his righteousness and the way he behaves with others of his clan as well as those of the opposition.

These political metaphors are to remind you that it is fun to have a say in life and to make you realize that it is easy to participate in this democratic exercise that the league offers you every month. That of voting for one of our own to be the player of the month highlighting his contribution to the great hockey family that the administration of the LFA as been trying to build for the last 5 years.

This month we are turning the spotlight on eight rookies, so make your voice heard by welcoming them into the league and making them feel at home. To be nominated is already an achievement in itself, so there is no loser but just a guy who stands out a little more than the others. Not only on the ice but outside of it because you do not just judge a player by his stats or his skating abilities, the man behind the visor and in the stands is just as important.

Here is the link to vote to make your life easier, thank you for participating in this aspect of the league. Make sure to vote by Sunday January 28th. http://www.lfahockey.com/joueur-du-mois-en

Take care

PS: You don't have to vote only for a guy from your team. Look around and get to know the other guys. It makes coming to the rink mutch more fun when you know everyone in the barn ;)

PS2: We still have spots to fill for the LFA RUSH tournament held Saturday February 10th. All those interested, please contacts the admin of the league ASAP for us to be able confirm the venue.