when the memories of playing hockey become unclear in your mind (photo lisette nepveu)

For a second consecutive season I had to hang-up my skates and give up playing due to complications with health problems and the side effects of the drugs. Following my meeting with several specialists (8 in all) in recent months and a second surgery recently for my knee. So for the last few weeks I have found myself again on the side lines of the game I love so much. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL !!!!!! I organize hockey 12 months a year spend an average of 9 hours on Saturdays at the rink and now sometimes even Sundays and I do not know if I have played 25 times in the last 12 months. In short it's like I was directing porn and did not have the right to have sex. You know what I mean ?!

In any case, it's when you do not have your dose of hockey that you realize the place it has in your life. So I wish you a lot of fun, because playing hockey gives us so much in our lives, hence my frustration in being sidelined again ... Especially realize the TRUE CHANCE that you have to play and spend time together because no joke, you never know when it's going to end even if in my case I think and hope to come back in the next couple of months.

You will understand I hope, that it becomes difficult when your heart and your head feel like jumping on the ice but that your body forces you to stay in the stands or in my case behind the microphone of the house announcer. So ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS because we never know when the body will let us down and force us to stop. And it has nothing to do with age.

The knee is one thing, the health is another and that I wish you a good one because as your grandmother possibly told you "if you do not have that, you have nothing my man". Above all, I would say one thing, do not blindly take all the medicines with which the doctors fill us. It's good for them in different ways but not necessarily for you or me buddy. Find out more and look at different alternatives without going too esoteric and let's all be a little more aware and vigilant even when things are going well.


Last Tuesday night, a few heavy hitters from the league hooked-up for the first-ever 3vs3 LFA RUSH tournament draft in league history. For this historic event we will see the Barracudas, Crusaders, Thunderbolts and the Beast compete to get their hands on a brand new LFA trophy crafted by TOTEM URBAIN. These four new formations created especially for the tournament will be made up of LFA regular and substitute players including a referee who decided to put aside his whistle to join the festivities. As usual, these kinds of get togethers where you meet to talk about hockey are very animated and give way to many off the wall comments and countless very engaging debates. In fact these hockey encounters remind me of the tavern era  where I got shi...faced on countless occasions where men met (or kids like me) to talk about everything and anything and have a good time together without the distractions that the presence of the opposite sex can sometimes cause. That said, Larry, Boubs, Donald, myself and a couple of other old dogs in the league experienced the transition period when women were finally admitted in these cult places of masculinity. Since then, the hockey room has become the last hide-out where you can chat freely, without a filter or agenda. In the end, there are guys who are always more funny when their girlfriends are in the other room, imagine in a hockey room. In short, it's another vibe that seems closer to the truth despite some exaggerated fishing stories. More than anything, these boys' nights are good for the spirit, the morale and essential for a healthy lifestyle. Nothing less !


Last Saturday, Jonathan Dennis of the Simwell Torpedoes made a nasty fall while trying to make his way to the net. Unfortunately the latter broke his arm and had to undergo surgery on Monday. A dozen members of the league have studied the video of the incident that the Prefect of Discipline provided and everything seems to indicate that it is really bad luck that caused his fall. The two players were skating very fast towards the boards, the video does not determine with certainty whether Jonathan tripped on the defender's stick blade, if their skates came into contact or if the Torpedoes player simply lost his footing due to a crack in the ice. All viewers were unanimous in seeing no foul play...  So we want to wish good luck to Jonathan in getting back on his feet and take this occasion to remind our members to exercise a little more caution near the boards because a fall there can cause more damage.


Last week I mentioned an article in French concerning Crosby and this 19 year old kid. Looks like Les from the Hackers wrote a piece as well. Here is the link https://www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/news/national/for-quebec-student-meeting-sidney-crosby-really-was-a-life-lesson/article37845385/


To end this intimate version of our weekly newspaper, I would like to acknowledge a friend who left us at the age of 48 following a heart attack last week. Many will say that it is young and sad to die in this way, but those who knew him would rather say that Julius left in his own terms under circumstances that he created from scratch as only he could. Above all he will have lived a full life without compromise, living every year as if it were his last. We will miss him but he will be among us more than ever because he will have marked our lives as only an original can do. Ciao bye budy!

julius in all his glory

Have a good end of season boys!
Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!! and Rock on !!!!!!!!!!