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Hi boys & girls

I include the ladies this week in my usual hey ho!!  As they seem determined more than ever with good reasons to change things in our societies since the advent of the #Metoo movement, #moiaussi and the especially contemptuous #balancetonporc that says a lot about some radical feminists. I have been silent on this topic since it started preferring to let the wave pass as my idea about the derivation of the feminist movement and the place of man in our western societies is already made after years of studying the phenomena. I'm not one of those who prefer to lay low for fear of being called what you will or even worse not to be politically correct.  I don’t give a hoot and prefer to be true to my ideas and values. A part from the Montreal Canadians, the health system and the various government departments, as well as the star system and ecological issues, we only talk about women issues in the media. This has been going on for the last couple of decades but that is not enough for women as these movements are pushing for far more than the heads of certain men. You will say that I am mixing things up and I will answer you to "zap" a little to see what’s going on. It is clear that a return to a certain balance would be good to set the record straight and live in a more equal society. But it’s not only for the women to ask for a fair shake, the men must wake-up and get their part of the cake too.

Of course, this social tsunami we are dealing with concerning so-called abuses of power, rape and intimidation if proven to be true in a court of law and not in front of the social media firing squad do not have their place and should be severely punished and the changes that these movements bring are important and necessary for our societies to evolve. So BRAVO to them! On the other hand to destroy men because they lacked tact and finesse or because they misunderstood the signals of the others or worse because someone wants their head does not have its reason for being and looks more like revenge, fanaticism and a true “witch hunt”. Some will say that it is the return of the balance after centuries of male domination but what good does that do? In our daily lives, are men so dominant in most relationships?  I don’t think so. Why in most cases do they accept to live like a “Homme Whippet” (*1) with the firm influence of the other half on them and submit to these illusionary and unachievable relational doctrines that leave very little room for a man to be one in this matriarchal society. On the other end, women lose all their essence by becoming a sort of bully which we call “germaine” in French. Does anyone really win in this scenario?  NOT! An awareness of each and everyone is necessary to move forward and I congratulate those women and men who had legitimate reasons to denounce their abuser. Women should take once and for all the place that belongs to them so that they have the same salary and status as men but on the other hand we must stop underlining the fact and make a big deal she is a woman when she does something if they really want to be our equal. Same thing for visible minority, people who have a disability or a non-conforming sexual orientation. Can we start over on a blank page so everyone can live on equal terms? It's not so utopian. I'm not talking about peace on earth or the chances of the Canadians winning the Stanley Cup in my lifetime. I'm talking about a life for example where men will stop asking their wives like if they were their mothers if they can do this or that while being worthy of receiving their love and where women will stop being castrators while letting their man be one and thus receiving all the benefits from laying down their arms and finding balance within the couple. This is really not the case in Quebec in 2018 according to too many sources.

If we put aside couples, we collectively fall into the trap with these stories of abuse of power, violence, gender inequality and race with that marshmallow dish we are served. For more than 30 years, women, visible minorities, the disabled and, more recently, homosexuals have benefited in a large number of ways when applying for a position despite, and this we all collectively pay the bill, they are often less qualified than the demon with the white complexion. We demonize the latter who finds himself today with a premium on his head, which should remain silent and agree to be passed over by the feminist media steamroller. What type of justice are they talking about exactly? We have to give them everything and make room for them because it's their turn to decide everything between them!? This brings to mind this excerpt: "This tendency to group together people of the same sex to practice certain activities seems to be an exclusively female phenomenon" (* 2).Imagine if men wanted to do the same like the “good old days” of the taverns where women were excluded. Today, women are doing the segregation in society, which leaves little room for dialogue, men on their end trying to find their directions in a society that no longer has any. The reality out there is that a lot of women are out of place and can’t do the job starting with 5'3 '' policewomen trying to stop fights at bar exits at 3:00 am and I know what I'm talking about living on the Main for the last 25 years or so. This obsessive desire of women to make their place everywhere and to be treated as equals has turned into collective blindness where political correctness dictates the tone and gives the chance to a group while ignoring the injustice it creates to others. The same can be said about the other groups mentioned before. When it comes to abuse of power, imbecility, manipulation, lack of consciousness or violence, it has no sex. The evidence in a study of the American Behavioral Scientist journal based on police reports, found serious injuries in 14% of women against 38% of male victims of domestic violence, women apparently tending to use different weapons a lot more often than men. Other studies report rates of 46% repeat violent offenders among lesbian couples and also shows that women tend to hurt or kill their children more than fathers. (* 3) So let's stop blaming Adam for all the sins in this world when Eve has just as many vices, if not more. We are immersed in a real war of the sexes which is powder to the eyes and where nobody will come out as a winner despite the advances that these ladies think to realize.

The real issues that women should be focusing on are economic and social, not if a guy looked at them too intensely or made a bad joke. The perverse effects of globalization and the different exchange agreements affect them more according to different studies than the traveling hands of some jerks. Unless our societies converge on biomedical techniques and selective practices leading us to eugenics we will always have unbalanced people who will do wrong things because of a false sense of power, accumulated frustrations, alcohol or others. Unfortunately our cities and villages are filled with assholes that are not able to control themselves and insult girls who feel good about themselves and show too much skin, the problem at the base being a lack of education often in both cases. That said, girls are no better, as female authors such as Rafael Germain, Denise Bombardier and Colette Dowling note, regarding women's attitudes towards men as well as underlined in a Patrick Huard (Quebec comedian) sketch because behind humor there is often a bit of truth. The latter emphasized that the national sport of Quebec women is to be real bitches when a guy comes over to talk to them so that he feels crushed and small in his boots. One does not excuse the other and we are now forced to go through a digital application to approach the other and live an organic experience and I find that pathetic and sad to say the least.

Always pointed at as being the cause of all the evil in this world, I’m forced to admit that there are plenty of men who are not correct in the way they treat women and other people in general, but there are just as many women doing the same with the help of trashy magazine articles and anti-man bogus radio programs amongst other things. Do you realize nowadays all the bad things that can be said about men on the air waves but that can’t be said about women or all types of “minorities” to put them all in the same basket? It’s UNBELIEVABLE, very unhealthy and is a form of violence directed particularly at the white men. Life is not just unfair to women and visible minorities, asked all the guys who were washed out through an arranged divorce and who have trouble seeing their children. Men unfairly convicted in courts that favor the opposite sex and many other places in our society where the women want the cake and the money too and where men can no longer express themselves by fear of retaliation.

Through this post I do not want to minimize the pitfalls, difficulties and injustices that women or minorities of all types suffer and the path they have had to make for themselves to make their voices heard.  But they alone do not carry all the burden of the world. A minority of people and businesses dominate the earth and they do not all have dicks between their legs. And this idea that there would be fewer wars on earth if women were in power is a joke! Once in power, clitorises and penises are all the same.

It's true that it's time for things to change, but it's not just for men to look at themselves in the mirror, women have just as much work to do so that everyone can live in an egalitarian society where everyone can find his or her bliss. Again, is it really enough? The problems we face on earth seem much bigger and more important to me than the slush in which we have been bathing since last fall, involving a handful of "victims" and individuals with well-stocked portfolios.

And hockey in all this?! There ain’t just that in life buddy.

Good luck to everyone


*1 Title of Charles Paquin’s book on the state of the Quebec man
*2 Espace magazine March 2018 « La revanche des femmes »
*3 Brad Pitt ou mourir by Sylvain D’Auteuil
+ Various literature sources, testimonial and life experiences in the different parts of life.