It all starts at 3h30 on Sat, Don't miss these exciting games to see who will qualify for our Grand Finale May 4th (graphic design by Jacob Poliquin)

We arrive at the weekend of no return, the matches that will determine who will take part in the big dance, the party, the master game! Many months, injuries and games have passed since September and it is this weekend that everyone must put their cards on the table and give the best of what they have to offer if they want to play in our Grand Finale.

In the first duel of the day, we will see the Meteors of Équipe Gagnier face the Simwell Torpedoes, each of whom had a good run in the playoffs but who each lost their last game.  Of our two duels of the day, these are the two formations that are the most similar and hard to say who will qualify for the championship game Friday, May 4.

As for the second game of our semi-finals, it is the two teams that finished at the top of the season standings that will cross swords.  Unlike the previous match where we can see some similarity between teams, the Barbarians and the Rhinos are poles apart.  On the one hand, a team that relies on its explosive speed to outflank its opponent and rushes the net, and on the other, a slower and experienced team that installs and controls the play.  Defensively each one has their style despite abrasive similarities but it is in the goals that we will really see two different worlds face each other with different styles and obsessions.

Good luck to our semi-finalists and especially our referees who will have a lot of work to do as many strong personalities will be on the ice Saturday.


In the first match last Saturday we saw the Hackers lose their skates in front of the hungry Vipers who after conceding two goals early in the game bled their opponents 9 goals in hoping to reach the second round of the playoffs.  However this energy boost in the series of the men in yellow was too little too late but they can be proud of their exit.  The second meeting did not matter as the two formations were eliminated, the Loggers and the Shamrocks but the game was very entertaining and several new substitutes who took part really liked their first experience in la Ligue Fédérale des As.  Without a doubt, the best match of last weekend was the one between the Meteors and the Rhinos who had to win to be classified in the semi-finals.  On the one hand we saw the Meteors pretty confident and relaxed as the defeat of the Hackers ensured them a participation in the next round of the playoffs and the other the Rhinos with their game face on and a mission in mind, to win!  All in all a game that was easy to officiate as both teams seem to have a mutual respect while being composed of several veterans of the LFA which greatly helps in the intense hockey we see but that remains clean without too much bicker.  The last encounter saw the Barbarians win against the Torpedoes and thus take the lead in the series ranking with no defeats to their credit.  And if I'm not mistaken, no defeat since a good while!

Jerome St-Pierre was awarded an LFA ambassador title for his involvement in the smooth running of the LFA Satellite division. Him and François Bourbonnais who also received the same title were paramount in the success of our new Sunday night division. (photo Laurent quesnel)

Last weekend was also the scene of the last game of the season of our Satellite Division which saw the unit composed of Patrick Hébert, Andrew Battah, Sam Moussa, P-A Boisclair and Jessy Martin win the highest honours.  You will tell me that there are names missing on this list but think again our satellite division has a very particular way of operating with units of 5 players in a rotating calendar system that makes the 4 groups of 5 play together alternately. In short these 5 gringos collected the most points during the year crowning them champions of the 2017-2018 season in our Sunday division.


The team photos are online in the section under the same name and a big thank you to our official photographer, Lisette Nepveu and to Jacob for putting it all together.


As every year the administrator of the league needs a helping hand to hold our grand finale because a man can’t do everything during an event of this magnitude.  Thank you for contacting the league if you can help BEFORE, DURING and AFTER our Grand Finale on Friday, May 4th in support of the Sun Youth Food Bank.  I invite those who have teenagers among us to introduce them to the benefits of volunteering to put a stop to the self-centeredness of the society in which we live in.


Saturday will be our last after game of the season where we will visit La Cabane. The league’s administration would greatly appreciate to have more guys participate and encourage  a sponsor who has been with us since we started. The reality is that without partners / sponsors your season will cost you more in the future. So instead of  going to eat elsewhere, support one of ours and let us all start looking for other companies who would like to join a league like no other displease to our detractors who find it acclaim a little too much according to their taste. It's part of a SEO Buddy, "read-up on it"! And despite our own admission that there is always room for improvement, we know that we are the reference in the field. Hundreds of communications from the planet hockey confirm it.

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