Unlike Canadian supporters, those in the LFA can expect a nicer spring.

Do not be afraid, the source of inspiration for the topics covered by our newspaper is eternal and this title rather invokes your blank page because the story is yours. After seven months of rehearsals, reflections and adjustments, you will start this weekend the path to the LFA Cup. Some of you in the past have had the privilege to lift it at arm's length while living a game experience the like of professional circuits. With a long warm-up period, 20-minute fixed-time periods, the zamboni between it and a crowd to cheer you on, putting even more ambience in the amphitheater while supporting the community through a fundraiser , our championship games, for those who live them, mark the time. Now you have to write the first chapter of this adventure that is the playoffs, where anything can happen.

On a more pragmatic side, know that contrary to our habits the 2018 Grand Final will be held Friday, May 4 at 7:30 pm, so plan the shot to be present on or off the ice depending on your path in the playoffs because we want all of us here for our group photo when handing the check to Sun Youth.


As is our custom, our championship games support the community we serve to help less affluent people. Unlike previous years, the price of the ticket is not displayed which will allow those who encourage us in our social mobilization to give you what they want. Also we will ask you to sell only five tickets but of course those who want to get more involved can do it by asking for more tickets to the administration of the LFA. These tickets will allow your entourage to attend our Grand Final or simply encourage the cause while taking part in a draw of a PAIR OF TICKETS in the red to see the Habs at the Bell Center during the 2018-2019 season courtesy of Glen of the Rhinos. The process has never been easier so thank you for all your future efforts to make our event a success! Your captain will give you your envelope with your tickets on Saturday and you must return it with the money raised no later than SATURDAY, APRIL 21. It will also be possible to make an online donation for those who want a tax receipt for any donation of $ 20 or more to the Sun Youth Food Bank. (Link)

Of course, despite the fact that our grand final does not affect them directly, we invite members of the Satellite division who want to do their part in the community to participate by helping us through the sale of tickets or the collection of donations. Together we can really make a difference for people with whom we share our city and the land.

Those of you who want to know more about what the neuroscience says about giving, I suggest this article that may inspire you to go beyond yourself in altruism.


Phillipe-Michel Lang aka MiMi from the pro-jet demolition rhinos is one of their team pillard and the LFA player of the month of march (photo lisette nepveu)

The end of something suggests the beginning of something else and among all that the result of novelties that will have emerged recently to bloom with spring. The addition of a new amplifier for the sound system at the college’s arena and new anchors for goal posts adds to the efforts of the league to improve your playing conditions for years, hence the hours of work outside those of our games. Naturally, the quality of the ice remains a major issue and we continue to press for better employee training as well as investments in infrastructure at the arena. Further improvements on the files we are conducting are expected over the next few months.

The end of our regular season is consistent with the change of page on our calendar and the winner of the last Pro-Jet Demolition player of the month for the 2018-2019 season in the LFA. Our congratulations goes to Phillipe-Michel Lang aka MiMi who had a strong season, a beautiful end of campaign and who was recognized by his peers as the MVP of the last month.

The end of March brings two novelties to our MEDIA section including the best photos of March under PHOTOS LFA as captured by Lisette Nepveu who follows us since the beginning of the season.

You will find the other novelty and not the least under LFA VIDEOS with the release of the seventh official production of the LFA FILMS studios; the commemorative video of the 2017 Grand Final. This game was without a doubt, the most exciting of our history with a comeback in extremis of the Meteors facing the Avengers in a third period that will forever be tattooed in the minds of those who were there.

Throughout the year, different members of the league are involved in the microcosmos that the LFA represents. Whether it's Larry or Jacob with the various aspects of managing the LFA, Eric, Martin and other guys with our various trophies. Frank with the stats, your captains and a few guys who help at the arena without forgetting Sean Sivilay with the sound system, it is often in the shadows that members of the league want get involved to maximize everyone's experience.

The 2016-2017 edition of the Meteors who came back from behind to clinch the spring championship in a very entertaining game. (photo Joseph Fleming)

In the case that concerns us, it is Stephane Farber who volunteered to create this video from images captured by Sebastien Renaud, Live Barn and the photographer of Sun Youth, Joseph Fleming. This latest production has required countless hours of work over a period of ten months to make our modest production as interesting as possible. A big thank you to Steph for his perseverance and the participants of the grand final who gave us a show! You will find the trailer of this production here

Over the seasons, different guys have brought their talents while giving their time to make the management of the league with all its possible sides while enhancing the experience of everyone. As a famous American president has already said: "Do not ask what YOUR league can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for your league". Ok it was not exactly that but you understand the spirit, so do not hesitate to get involved, your experience will be enriched.

Play to play and end the season on the right foot to better shape the future!


PS: The post game get together will be at La Cabane this week, notice to all interested parties.