While sipping a last one…

It's funny when a guy shows "pity" for a team and wishes them a victory, then finally the team in question beats his team and he’s not happy at all …

It looks like what happened in yesterday's game between the Express and the Czeckers ... It was a "wild card" Saturday as «the league commissioner» would say; there were 5 new spares that nobody  had ever seen play; 4 in this game , 2 in each team ... As I was concentrating on my players (we finally welcomed Patrice Vichier who joins us for the rest of the season ) I did not realize the «drama» taking place on the other side of the ice ... One of the spares had to leave the game because he could not follow the pace and was  replaced by Pat Bouchard, the Red’s goalie, who donned  JF DesBois’ gear and hit the ice ...

As I 'm not the type to «chat» with the opponent on the ice, and that I didn’t recognize his partially hidden face from afar , plus I assumed that he was an «unknown spare» , I did not notice it was him ... I even said to one of my teammates " it's funny number 14 reminds me of JF when he started playing as a forward ! Seems like the style of playing and skating of goalies playing up-front are similar !

Having played with him on one occasion I knew he could do pretty well, but more importantly, he knows his hockey and above all he knows how to drive a goaler crazy… We had the chance to see this at one point when he had his 2 feet «in the goalie’s blue» and his butt was so well stuck in the gaoler’s face, that our dear Nick took matters in his own hands and strongly «encouraged» him to leave this place by «hacking» him  behind the ankles with a swing of his stick ... (I shouldn’t talk about these things because people will think we are goons yet again… But as the two shook hands and discussed the whole affair before leaving our post-game dinner, and that nobody seems to have suffered any damages , I 'll allow myself to do so ... The worst part of the story is that Pat  having received the blow , turns around and pushes Nick who falls on his back and into his net ... Obviously the two teams protested demanding punishment to the referee (who incidentally was a replacement) who ends the matter by calling Pat 5 minutes for roughing but nothing to Nick for the slashing ... His explanation : I told him 3 times to «get out of the blue» but he didn’t move, so he got what he deserved !

So think of two things if that referee is back next time ; players make sure you stand outside of «the blue», and goalies, well… try not to injure anyone if it happens !by taking matters in your own hands, even if you probably can get away with it !!!

Jokes aside , we (and the LFA for that matter) would prefer not to see such «unsightly» gestures…This is not an example for children !… and nothing good for the reputation of our league which is altogether very friendly after all ! 

In any case it was good for the Express to win ! And then they (we) won the dough with the 50/50  because I had invested a portion of the surplus accumulated by the team in the «beer money pot» ... The more I think of it, the more this money (and future winnings !) will be used to treat the team before the «round robin» or the end of the season , just to cement our team spirit (which is already pretty strong) with a few pitchers of cold brew at our «dear» sponsor’s place …Isn’t it great ! Everyone wins with this 50/50 finally:  ... The LFA , La Cabane and ... The Express !

I’m a bit pissed off since unless there’s a miracle, I 'm going to miss the next 2 games… gotta work ... !

So I leave you hoping you will enjoy yourself in the meantime and remember: «do unto others as you would have them do unto you» or something along these lines !

See you soon !