While sipping a last one…

I have to say we started 2014 in style with two hard-fought games , both with 2 noteworthy comebacks: In the first one, the Czeckers rebounded from a 3-1 deficit to win 4-3 against the Express who seemed on the road to victory but let it slip yet again… And in the second game, the Tomahawks were starting to feel the pressure late in the game when after leading them 4-1 at one point they saw the Avengers wake up and the momentum change with the game ending with a 6-4 final score. Hats off to Martin, the blue’s goalie, who faced 46 shots , a summit this week ...

But for me, the highlight this week was the fact that my brother came down from Gatineau to join my team. A first in our «careers», having never had the opportunity to play in a «official game» together, our age difference (9 years) making it impossible in my childhood. But he coached me a few times in my early years and showed me the basis of the game, in fact he literally taught me how to skate, my father not being a player or a skater at the time. Then he stopped playing in his early twenties when I was only a teenager ....

He came back to the game in his forties, after twenty years of abstinence ... And like many guys, once he had «re-tasted» the pleasure of the game, he never looked back and today he plays «religiously» 2-3 times week ... We’ve been talking about playing a game together for a few years , but life being what it is , the opportunity had yet to present itself. I must say that it would have been nice at the time when we changed teams every week, but the advent of the LFA made it all the more significant as it would be for a «real game»...

So we literally lived a "brotherhood moment”, and I'd say that it was a pretty good one with some good passes and a few scoring chances showing some chemistry which unfortunately did not «materialize» with a goal, but it fucken came close! There will be other chances , when the opportunity arises and circumstances permit !

I know my brother enjoyed his “LFA experience” on and off the ice ; we ended the evening at «La Cabane» with a good meal and a few pitchers of cold brew, as we also both appreciate these «after hockey» pleasures…I guess it’s genetic !!

I asked him to write a little something about his LFA experience and this is what he sent me :

…«What a beautiful reunion!

It was a pleasure to be with my brother on the ice at this college I went to 39 years ago, when the arena had just been built and was then in its first year. Laurent and I never had the opportunity to play a real hockey game together, this opportunity was too good to miss. Driving back and forth from Gatineau to Montreal was totally worth it : a tight and intensely played game, with good guys in the locker room followed by a good meal and a few beers at «La Cabane»…Thanks to all of you, and especially to JF for his usual hospitality.

I’ll try to come back in mid-March for spring brake !»
Paul Quesnel

In short, a memorable Saturday and experience that I find myself lucky to have lived, even if I had to wait until I was 45 years old to do so !

Have a good week !