The LFA wishes to thank Bruno Petrozza, Thomas Saddi, Jeremy Lancelin, Martin Maillé, Lisette Nepveu, Brent McGowan, Jonathan Fernandes,Tracy Chou, Karine Clément, Michael Wees, Léandre Marceau, Sharron Ramby, Maureen B. Latour, Miguel Legault, Mary-Jane Beaupré, Frank Reda, Frederic Serre, Jonathan Montpetit ,Alain Barabasy, France Landreville  Christophe Grenon, Joseph Fleming & ManLi Que for their contribution to this section and invites all those who inclined to take photos during our games to do so and send them to us. The best photos will be added to this section which will grow from year to year. Again many thanks for helping us create an optimal hockey experience for our players by capturing snap shots of their hockey career.