The following testimonials of LFA members will give you a take on what you can expect if you join Montreal's premier hockey league.


The League is next level. The best in adult hockey for sure. I was blown away moving from overseas back to Canada. The organisation of the league is fantastic from the stats to the décor at the rink. A lot of effort goes into to team parity which makes every game competitive for all levels. The league management responds actively to any concerns and the brotherhood is strong and well. The only issue is it’s only once a week right now, thank god for the expansion !
— Jeremy Marston
A few years ago, I decided that I needed to get back into hockey after nearly a 10 year hiatus. Word of mouth brought me to the LFA. I was immediately bitten by the LFA bug; a social organization with hockey and its members at the forefront. We often refer to adult hockey leagues as “beer leagues” but it would be a grave mistake to think of the LFA as a beer league. The LFA, through its policies and administration, offers players an incredible hockey experience that is unmatched.
— Matthew Peris
I have been looking for the equivalent of a minor hockey league for adults for several years. The few well organized leagues are filled with idiots and dangerous players. The LFA selects its players on the lot and expels any dangerous player. The result is a safe, friendly, but competitive league where you can play good hockey safely. The organization takes care of all the details to provide a hassle-free experience.
— Alexandre Ouellet
The LFA is a bit like the NHL of beer leagues. Competitive, well organized but friendly. By far the most amusing “garage league” for which I had the opportunity to play. When you join the LFA, you join a great passionate hockey family. You also join a league in motion that keeps innovating to improve the experience of the players in the league.
— Simon Lavery-Lebeau
The LFA is not just another hockey league, It is a family. A hockey lover’s paradise , the LFA surpasses any other league in every aspect whether it be the players who compose it or the administration that is constantly improving the league. Nothing else can compare , YOU have to try it, it’s a decision you won’t regret !
— Mike Gabriel
Everyone has heard of the importance of team spirit, which is essential to the success of any team, but  which mostly contributes to the enjoyment of being part of one. The LFA goes one step further by doing everything it can to create a «league spirit» by bringing its members together in a number of ways, either by mixing up the teams every year, by encouraging guys to connect with all sorts of invitations to different events like its post-game get togethers, and above all by adopting a common cause to help organizations such as Sun Youth, which gives everyone the feeling of collaborating for the same purpose.

I have never seen a league that could say the same ...
— Laurent Quesnel
The LFA has been exceeding my expectations for years for the hockey experience it provides; a competitive but friendly approach to the game. I made a bunch of new friends who share the same passion as me. I have never lived such an awesome hockey experience. My Rating: 11/10 !
— Rémy Babin
The LFA is a league where intensity rhymes with healthy competition. Unlike the majority of adult leagues, I feel safe on the ice of the LFA. I love being able to “bother” and get in my opponents head on the ice and then be able to sip a beer in the stands immediately after the game with those same individuals who were my opponents shortly before.
— Félix Dufour-Labrecque
The LFA has grown in a few short years from a gang who tossed sticks to make teams every Saturday afternoon to an ten team league and one of the most professional sports organizations I’ve been involved in. The games are well run, the officiating is high caliber, details are cared for right down to the players’ socks. The games are intense and competitive while remaining friendly. The league has an admirable community-oriented philosophy where players raise funds for charitable causes. The league’s organizers also try to foster a sense of community within, encouraging social activities throughout the year that bring players together off the ice. It’s a pleasure to be associated with the LFA.
— Les Perreaux
The LFA  is a league that offers quality hockey and a place to evolve and perfect your game in a pleasant and constructive atmosphere. The guys are friendly and share a passion for hockey. The game is competitive and intense, but respectful and without violence. Personally, my game has greatly evolved following my years in the league.With good organisation and passionate people, it’s a success !
— Charles Lemaire
The LFA is an amateur adult hockey league with a pro feel unrivaled by any other league in the greater Montreal region with many perks for its members like the players of the month voted by their peers, the advantages that the Sponsors provide to the players with a quality level of competition on the ice... without mentioning its majestic trophies.. The camaraderie between players is simply awesome.

For my part I no longer intend to play in any other league.
— Éric Champagne
I love this league because the managers are very professional and take care of the players and teams. The organization far exceeds my expectations and has nothing to envy to any other league in Montreal .... Guys are great .. website, videos , photos, gala etc ... Everything is there to have a dream season.
— Marc-André Martel
1) The LFA is a true beer league ... like the one we take with our teammates, but also with our opponents after a hotly disputed game!
2) The LFA is a fraternity. It is not a place that endures idiots ! Established members advise newcomers on unwritten rules: we are here to play tight, competitive, but FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL hockey where violence has no place.
3) After a few years, you get to know all the players in the league, because interaction between all the players is encouraged. After the games, in the stands, there are no opponents or sweater colours. They are just... guys from the league.
— Miguel Legault
Great friendly league and very well organized !
— Alan Picard
I had a very nice time in the game.  I enjoyed the competitiveness and I thought the teams were very well balanced.  It was a friendly game with no rough stuff. Thanks,
— Tim Gillette
By far the best league around; Reasonably priced, very well organized, with music and announcers between plays, bring the family, pop corn and drinks available. Heaters for crowd, super Web site, calendar and stats. 5 star organization, good level and no violence tolerated hockey
— Sean Sivilay
It was an amazing experience. Felt like I took a time machine back to my high school days playing minor hockey. Great gang of guys on the team, super well organized, really had me falling back in love with the game of hockey! Keep it up !
— Eric Lutzuk
Good caliber, well balanced teams, great atmosphere, good organization. Basically, a super experience
— Maxime Saint-Louis
Very good league, friendly, fun, good atmosphere really want to sub again. Thanks to the management of the LFA for this great organization
— Francis Lévesque
I loved my experience. The gang is fun. I think it’s a really good league and I like the level of competition. Thank you for giving me a chance to play with you guys.
— Félix-Antoine Masseau