The Ligue Fédérale des As, better known by its acronym LFA, was established in December 2012 following its creation by the Hockey Brotherhood Association which has close to 20 years of experience under its blades. Considered a flagship league, after only five years of operation, its innovative approach and unique qualities have helped it climb the online ladder, where it is at the forefront of hockey leagues that are found when using different search engines. The leagues website attracts attention and compliments from all over the hockey world and redefines the standards for sports websites. An overview of its platform will show, without a doubt, that it is a class above the rest and was invited to participate in a prestigious digital world competition based out of the United States (W3 Awards). The richness and variety of information found on it has contributed greatly to the boom, the league has experienced in recent seasons.

The quality of the experience and innovative approach found in the LFA does not stop in front of the screen. In fact, when asked, our members say that they have never experienced a sporting adventure as well organized and as exhilarating as the LFA. See what they have to say for yourself in this section Our goal is to offer an optimal hockey experience for our members by making their experience everything a professional player can expect to experience ... or almost. Our pre-season camp, our Winter Classic, the All—Stars Game and a Grand Final worthy of professional leagues are just some examples of how the LFA differentiates itself from other leagues. Our members are so looked-after and receive so many benefits and bonuses during the course of a season that it’s as though they were being paid to practice in their favorite sport; a series of measures are put into place as to not leave anything to chance because everything is centralized around optimizing the experience for each and every player.

Operating close to 50 weeks à year, over the course of the next few seasons, we will keep up our efforts and continue to innovate as to ensure that we enhance standards that are associated with "amateur" sports leagues, while continuing to surprise our members and the hockey world with striking new approaches. With the central division of Montreal, which now has over 1200 members, we now wish to meet with hockey players and organizers from the four corners of Quebec in order to build an alliance that will enable new divisions to come to life across the province, so that the winner of each divisions will play for the LFA Cup, which will eventually become the cup of Quebec, the cup of the people and their roots.This cup has nothing to envy to the professional trophies and positions itself very well amongst them, much like all of our creations. 

In order to solidify our position as a reference for adult hockey leagues in the country, we want to create more partnerships with national companies as to support us in our approach. With high quality of standard and the brand image we hold, these partners will also be able to enjoy in the excitement surrounding the LFA and will benefit just like our members and partners who are benefiting from the current rise in popularity in sports spheres, media and politics, who are interested in a league that does nothing like the others and exemplifies originality and vision. Add to that our accreditation by Hockey Canada, our partnership with la Fête Nationale du Québec, and our participation to the NHL centennial celebrations, not to mention, our social involvement marked by our charitable work with organizations such as Sun Youth and the Montreal Canadiens Children  Foundation  (just to name a few examples); you will understand that the LFA is not a "beer league" but rather a league professionally managed that makes ordinary people into heroes, all while contributing to the community and bringing a breath of fresh air to our national sport.

Other elements pertaining to our development will emerge over the next few years, as the Hockey Brotherhood Association is working on various projects, such as the creation of a NPA, the holding of an international tournament, as well as many other works that are under construction. The LFA is undoubtedly the premier adult hockey league in Quebec and The Hockey Brotherhood Association the engine for change and creation of a new social responsibility in sport.