All players must read and understand the following points. These rules are key for the league to operate smoothly and the season to proceed without any problems.

***The Administrative Rules (AR) must be considered in conjunction with the Hockey Rules (HR).***

(RA–01)-Each regular season consists of more or less 30 games and runs from mid-September to the end of April. This includes a pre-season game; a 5-game round-robin playoff, and; a championship final match for the two top teams. The summer season consists of more or less 15 games, runs from May to August with a similar functioning.

(RA–02)-The Ligue Fédérale des As consists of 8 teams with one player-coach and one assistant and 6 during the summer season in the central division and 2 our satellite division.

(RA–03)-Each player and substitute will be evaluated and ranked by his peers after the season, in order to prepare for the next season’s teams.

(RA–04)-For the end of season gala, players will be asked to vote for certain individual awards. Ex: Best goalie, top scorer, MVP, etc. (regular season)

(RA–05)-Teams rosters change each season, and a trading period opens from November to mid-December. For the summer season, trades happen after our third week of operation.

(RA–06)-Players must advise the League BY 6 PM THURSDAY AT THE LASTEST if they are unable to attend the game on the week-end. This time frame is crucial in order for the league to find an appropriate substitute for the absent player. Any player who repeatedly ignores this guideline will be subject to suspension and, eventually, expulsion from the League.
N.B. Special / unforeseen circumstances will be taken into consideration. For the summer season in the Satellite division players must advice the league by email BY 6PM MONDAY AT THE LATEST

(RA–07)-In order to guarantee the stability and parity of the teams throughout the regular season and the playoffs, substitute players may be selected by League Management ONLY from a list of substitutes approved by coaches and management (when possible).

(RA–08)-Any player who misses a game without having advised management or does not give appropriate notice before the set time will be fined $25. This is a question of respect toward teammates, competitors and the League.

(RA–09)-In the case of a long-term injury a player will be reimbursed $10.00 per game starting with the 3rd game missed. No other games missed will be reimbursed.

(RA-09.1)- Reimbursement:  If a player wants to cancel his membership during the season, LFA Management will decide of the right to get a refund and of the amount refunded according to circumstances , and/or the reasons for the departure . Any expelled or banned player will not be entitled to any refunds

(RA–10)-No fighting allowed. Warnings and suspensions will be decided by the Disciplinary Committee as incidents warrant.

(RA–11)-A Disciplinary Committee will be made up of players from acroos the league.

(RA–12)-Each player must sign a waiver before getting on the ice for the first time. Regulars like substitute players.

(RA–13)-Other than the season deposit, each player must pay his participation fees in full or in two installments on prescribed dates. Any player who does not make the payments on the prescribed dates will be refused access to the ice and his team will be penalized through his absence, unless replaced by a substitute player. For the summer season, the full payment is due at the first game.

(RA–14)-Any regular player who is called upon at the last minute or through prior arrangement to play for a team other than his own must pay a fee of $10.00. Any goals or assists accumulated by a regular player playing for another team but his own, will not be applied to his personal statistics.

(RA-15)-TREMBLAY beer, is the only accepted beer on the premises. Les brasseurs RJ are our principal sponsor and only the TREMBLAY beer sold by the league will be accepted in the rooms or in the stands.

(RA-16)- Every player taking part in a championship game must donate a minimum of 20$ to the charity the league is supporting upon his arrival at the rink. Failure to do so will translate in him not being allowed to play.

*The respect of other competitors and of the referees is paramount.
**Two referees during the regular season and THREE for the championship game.
***The LFA follows the hockey rules as set out by the Fédération de Hockey sur glace du Québec.